New Leaks Suggest Riot To Develop Valorant For Console

Launched in 2020, Valorant made its place in the gaming industry in no time. As of now, the 5 vs 5 FPS game is only available for PC but has a large player base. But, according to leaks, it seems like Valorant will be soon released on console.

However, this is not coming soon as Valorant is already in the developing phase for the mobile platform. So without wasting more time on it, let’s move on to our leaks.

Valorant Console Leaks: All You Need To Know

Game’s one of the most prominent leaker, Mike dropped a major hint towards the Valorant console development. According to his post, Riot is now hiring a game designer for console. Now that’s interesting.

Along with this hiring, one can also see the hiring post for Mobile designer too. So, does this means Riot is still searching for a Mobile designer?

On the YR1 event (Year One event), the developers announced that the game is in development for mobile devices. However, it was never announced that mobile will be the second platform that will witness the tactical 5 vs 5 FPS game.

This is an interesting take from Riot. Despite the massive success of League of Legends which was launched in 2009, the game never released on console. Another Riot game that was released in 2020, League of Legends: Wild Rift was released for unknown consoles.

So, Valorant might become the first game to release full-fledges for console platforms like Xbox or Playstation.

Also, earlier a rumor spread like where, where it was claimed that Valorant is going to launch on Nintendo on 25th February. There are no official announcements made to this, which means it was a fake rumor.

Valorant Console To Be Released Before Mobile?

The development for console platforms has not been made official, which means it will take a long time.

However, there have been some positive signs recently and it is being said that it might get released this year. But yet again, there have been no official confirmation made.

In a recent leak, an image showed that players can invite 5 friends for the Valorant Mobile Beta testing. So, it will be quite interesting to see, when it will be launched.

What’s your opinion on Valorant getting released for console? Drop your views in the comment section below.

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