New Bug In Valorant, Where Players Are Not Able To See List Of Skins They Own

The new update of Valorant is here and just like other updates, it brought a few bugs along with it. The new bug of Valorant is related to the skins collection. Moreover, players are not able to see which all are skins they own.

However, it is not a big issue as it sounds, but it’s a bug that Riot will fix anytime soon. So, let’s know more about it.

New Bug In Valorant, Players Not Able To Filter Skins

In Valorant, players can see the collection of skins owned by them from the Collection section. Moreover, if one wants to check what are the skins they own for a Vandal or Phantom, they can simply click on the gun, available in the list.

Then all the skins which are released so far in the game are visible to the players. Furthermore, players cannot equip skins, which they don’t own. There’s an extra feature present under the section named ‘Show owned skins only’. By selecting this, players are only able to see the skins owned by them and can select their skins based on that.

This helps them to select skins that are available in their inventory. However, due to the new bug, even after selecting ‘show owned skins only’ players are not able to see those changes and all the skins are available there.

This might bring out new problems for players who have more than 3-4 skins in their collection.

We hope as with other bugs, Riot listens to this and fixes it as soon as possible.

Bugs Fixed In 4.07 Update

Recently, patch notes 4.07 were released where Riot revealed the upcoming changes and bugs they fixed in the game.

Here are some of them:


  • Fixed a bug where comms-restricted players could not listen to team voice chat
  • Fixed a bug where players were not always immediately removed from the game after being banned


  • Fixed a bug that was causing performance bonuses to show at incorrect times

Also, earlier, the store of Valorant points was taking more than 30 seconds to load is now fixed and players can buy VP quickly now.

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