Must Know Tips And Tricks Of Santorini Map In BGMI: Know How To Win Every Game

Once again for the Battleground Mobile India fans and enthusiasts, Krafton has introduced an 8×8 TDM(Team Deathmatch) map in BGMI. It will be the first TDM to have an 8×8 feature. The new map resembles the Greek Town of Santorini. So, here we are with 5 tips and tricks with the help of which, one can win maximum number of matches on the Santorini map playing BGMI.

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea of Greece. It has been introduced in the game with the same name ‘Santorini’.

All You Need To Know About Santorini 

For those who don’t know what is 8×8, it means each team(red team and blue team) have 8 players each. Players should select pre-set weapons from loadout (changing weapons after entering into the game is not possible, but can switch between 4 loadout options). Loadout is available in the map section on the left bottom corner. Players have 4 loadout options and can select any 4 weapons required.

Playing an 8×8 game is a whole new experience as it is not completely TDMs(previous version) and not completely an Arcade game. It’s a kind of mixture of both the mode in one game.

Each team (red team and blue team) consists of 8 players each and the match ends whichever team secures 80 kills first. Yes, it has not only increased the number of players but increased kills too, which makes it more exciting.

Tips And Tricks For Santorini Map To Win Matches In BGMI

1. Set Your Loadout

The most important part of this map is to set your weapons earlier, or right before the game so that you can wipe out your enemies. It is exactly the same as Arena Training but with a different map. Choose an efficient weapon for killing enemies quickly because all that matters are kills and winning at the end.

Select powerful AR (Automatic Assault Rifle) or SMG (Submachine Gun) to take the lead. Using a Bolt Rifle in TDM will always result in getting yourself killed and there are not such long-range combats taking place in TDMs.

2. Use the new climb feature

In Santorini, there is a new feature to climb walls and large boundaries. Now, there will be 2 ladders put on the map so that players can use them to climb up.

Climbing up to the roof gives an advantage of the wider view of the area and helps to gather lots of kills. It is such a location that is out of sight which helps players survive much longer than usual.

3. Using Cover

The new map offers lots of cover and corners for players. So, utilize those covers fully to take down enemies. In the initial stages, players might face many issues regarding using the cover because 1 cover cannot protect players from every side.

4. Placement

Keep switching your place whenever you get kills. A position from where you get lots of kills is a good position, but staying for a longer period in the same spot will be disadvantageous. Enemies will find another way to reach that position or they might grenade at that spot.

5. Co-ordination

Yes, coordination is very important in Battle Royale games like BGMI. You might have your own 4 member squad, but this map has 8 members in each team. So the other 4 members are your teammates too in Santorini. It is best to utilize their skills too by coordinating and taking down enemies together.

Overall Review

Santorini stands out from all other regular games in BGMI. Krafton has maintained its stability in bringing new and adventurous updates every time. An increasing number of players will be a new experience for every player and for every squad as well. In this way, players can interact with new players around India.

It is a good experience playing in new maps but, most players prefer the old version as they are much more familiar and stable. A major problem in playing in Santorini map is that it is too confusing like where to go, how to cross a particular area, where to take cover as you get lots of fires from lots of directions.

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