Mountain Bicycle in PUBG Mobile Latest Update v1.9

PUBG Mobile Mountain Bicycle Update v1.9: Yes, you read it right, our favorite battle royale PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) Mobile is about to introduce a new vehicle in the latest v 1.9 update.

A new mountain bicycle coming in the latest update, the same as in the PUBG PC version. Krafton has decided to introduce a new vehicle to travel across the map. Let’s deep dive and look into its features.

PUBG Mobile Mountain Bicycle Update v1.9: Feature of Mountain Bicycle

1. Spawn

Mountain bicycles in PUBG Mobile can be found everywhere irrespective of location. It means we can get this vehicle on every map played in classic mode. It will be spawned in a folded form as a lootable item.

2. Storage

A ready-to-go vehicle: It’s very interesting that we can use this mountain bicycle and then fold it and store it back into inventory. Keeping vehicles in inventory always gives the advantage to get out of critical situations.

3. Stealth

As there is no engine, players can move silently across the map. It makes no sound while riding, so you can travel without revealing your location. This mountain bicycle trades armor over stealth. But, if players get spotted it becomes too difficult to get out alive.

4. Speed

These are various speeds while riding the mountain bicycle in pubg mobile.

  • 80% Throttle: Max speed without sprinting- 50km/h
  • 90% Throttle: Max speed with 40% boost or more- 54km/h
  • 100% Throttle: Max speed while sprinting- 62km/h

5. Other Features

  • The mountain bicycle was built to be used by single-player only. It means only 1 player can ride this at one time.
  • Players can shoot while riding. Players can use pistols and SMGs (Submachine Guns) while riding.
  • Another amazing thing about this bicycle is that it cannot be destroyed.
  • Cover infinite distance without worrying about fuel because it doesn’t run on fuel.

Overall review

Mountain Bicycle is an amazing feature to be introduced by Krafton in PUBG Mobile in the latest update. It will be a great companion for solo players who like to hover alone. Making no noise will make this a top priority to get out of death situations. But should be used at your own risk, as speed is very slow, compared to other vehicles. After getting spotted it will result in getting players killed.

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