Most Powerful Weapons/Guns In BGMI: In All The Categories, Sniper, AR, SMG and Light Machine Gun

Most Powerful Guns in BGMI: BGMI is top in the list of most downloads in the Google Play Store after the ban of Free Fire. It has crossed 50 million downloads with more than 30 million active users.

Choosing the best gun or the powerful gun is always a debate in BGMI, but here we consider the most powerful weapon based on hit damage dealt. The list contains the most powerful weapon/gun in each category. Check out the overall overview, along with us.

List Of Most Powerful Weapon/Guns in BGMI

There are many powerful guns in BGMI, but here are the top 5 most powerful guns in each category.

  • AWM – Sniper Rifle

BGMI Holi event

AWM is a special bolt-action sniper rifle only found in airdrops. But now in BGMI, one can obtain it by collecting Shop Token and can purchase AWM in exchange for those tokens.

AWM is the only sniper which can take down enemies wearing a level 3 helmet with a single bullet. It runs on 0.300 Winchester Magnum, with a magazine capacity of 5 bullets and 7 bullets with an extended magazine.

      • Hit damage:105
      • Damage per second:65
      • Rate of fire:27 rounds per minute
      • Bullet Speed:945 m/s
      • Range:1000m

A true sniper lover can’t resist AWM with an 8x scope. AWM is the perfect companion for taking down enemies far away.

  • MK-14 – Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)

MK-14 is also an airdrop weapon and also redeemed through Shop Tokens. This beast runs on 7.62mm bullets, a default magazine size of 10 bullets, and 20 bullets with an extended magazine. MK-14 has both auto and single fire modes making it compatible for close-range and long-range.

      • Hit damage: 61
      • Damage per second: 678
      • Rate of fire: 750 rounds per minute
      • Bullet speed: 853 m/s
      • Range: 1000m

What makes MK-14 a beast weapon is its damage combined with the rate of fire. MK-14 has the highest DPS (damage per second) among all the weapons except shotguns. Recommended to use with: compensator + extended-quickdraw magazine + cheek pad. With this attachment, one can reduce its recoil up to 25% and stability will also increase significantly.

  • M249 – Light Machine Gun (LMG)

M249 has a default magazine capacity of 50 bullets and after reloading its capacity increases to 75 bullets and uses 5.56mm bullets. But, we can increase bullets up to 150 bullets when used with an extended magazine. M249 can wipe the whole squad in a single magazine.

      • Hit damage:40
      • Damage per second: 600
      • Rate of fire: 800 rounds per minute
      • Bullet speed: 915 m/s
      • Range: 1000m

M249 was also an airdrop weapon but after BGMI 1.5 update it become a globally spawned weapon and optimized also. Mostly preferred for short and mid-range combats. The only problem is its recoil and instability.

  • Groza – Automated Assault Rifle (AR)

Groza is the most powerful gun in the AR family, fires 7.62mm bullets. Found in airdrops but nowadays can be redeemed in exchange for Shop Tokens. Groza has a default magazine of 30 bullets but, we can increase bullets up to 40 bullets when used with an extended magazine.

      • Hit damage: 49
      • Damage per second: 612.5
      • Rate of fire: 750 rounds per minute
      • Bullet speed: 715 m/s
      • Range: 1000m

Why Groza is the most powerful AR? Is because of its bullet speed and hit damage. Even a 7.62mm gun, is more stable than most guns with only 2 attachments.

  • UZI – Submachine Gun (SMG)

Uzi is the most powerful weapon in the SMG segment, more powerful than UMP 45 and Vector. It outstands other SMGs in terms of the rate of fire and damage per second. UZI fires 9mm bullets and an underrated weapon. When used wisely it can outperform ARs also.

      • Hit damage: 26
      • Damage per second: 571
      • Rate of fire: 1700 rounds per minute (30 rounds per second)
      • Bullet speed: 350 m/s
      • Range: 600m

UZI can shoot its whole magazine in a second because of its rate of fire. It still has the highest firing rate weapon in BGMI. Anyone can take down enemies quickly, but this becomes a big problem while clutching the whole squad.

  • S686 – Shotgun

S686 is a 12 gauge shotgun, found on all maps of BGMI. Not the best shotgun, but very useful at the initial gunfights to take down enemies with a single shot. You can take down two enemies with a single magazine (if you are lucky enough to connect).

      • Hit damage: 216
      • Damage per second: 1080
      • Rate of fire: 100-120 rounds per minute
      • Bullet speed: 370 m/s
      • Range: 15-25m

Even though it has the highest DPS (damage per second) of 1080 in BGMI, players prefer S12K over S686. Because it has only 2 bullets and takes 3.2 seconds to reload. Slower reloading time allows enemies to retaliate, while its damage falls off and requires a choke to shoot further than 15 meters.

  • Sawed-off – Pistol

Sawed-off is a pistol or a shotgun we never know, but it comes under a pistol that uses 12 gauge. A Miramar special weapon can be used only for close range

      • Hit damage: 160
      • Damage per second: 640
      • Rate of fire: 100 rounds per minute
      • Bullet speed: 350 m/s
      • Range: 10-15m
    • R1895 and R45 are the pistols that come right after Sawed-off in term of power.
  • Pan – Melee

Pan is the most iconic weapon in BGMI and available over all maps. It can be used at the initial gun fight to protect yourself.

      • Hit damage: 80
      • Damage per second: 107

Pan has multiple functionality like, it can used as melee weapon, can be thrown at enemies to take them down and acts as a shield at back to prevent damages from bullets.

  • Crossbow – Others

Crossbow is the only weapon in BGMI which falls under other weapons. It is a miscellaneous weapon which uses bolt ammo. It is the only silent weapon in BGMI which can kill enemies with a single bolt without letting them trace your location.

      • Hit damage: 105
      • Damage per second: 28
      • Bullet speed: 160 m/s
      • Range: 200m (effective range 50m)

It has the same damage as AWM, which means it can tear apart level 3 helmets with single bolt. Lower bullet speed results in reducing the range, ultimately the arrows will starts falling after 30m range.

Overall Review

bgmi worst guns

There is a very thin line between the best gun and the powerful gun. Best guns are chosen after considering every situation. But the powerful gun has few drawbacks, that’s what makes it different from the best gun category.

Choosing a weapon totally depends upon the players, many players want power over performance. Here we have listed most of the powerful guns of BGMI in each weapon segment.

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