Mason Greenwood’s Streamer Friend Reacts To The Case

Recent allegations on Mason Greenwood has shocked every football fan including his teammates and friends. Recently, one of FIFA’s top streamers Castro 1021 came live and shared his thought about the case. As every other fan, Castro is also shocked by the situation.

Mason Greenwood is currently out on bail but will not participate or appear for his team Manchester United. He has been suspended by the team and all his sponsors including Nike terminated his contract.

Mason Greenwood’s Friend, Castro 1021 Opens Up 

Castro is one of the most famous streamers from Twitch. He has more than 3.4 million followers on the platform and is the biggest FIFA streamer in the world.

Recently, in one of his streams, he spoke about the friendship and bond, he and Greenwood used to share. Also, he expressed his shocking reaction after knowing about the incident. He said, “we were..not boys, but you know like..I would..every single time, he would score, I message him or he would message me.” 

He added, “and this sh*t comes out and it’s like what the f**k man. What I’m f**king reading bro. What am I reading?

Castro went to say, “And I hope she(Greenwood’s girlfriend) can find like the mental help, to get through all of this sh*t. Because you haven’t listened to the audio, its kind of f*cked up. It’s strong dude, its weird, it’s all weird to me.”

Mason Greenwood Case

Mason Greenwood was arrested on 30th January for the first time, when her girlfriend took to social media to post pictures of her and accused the Manchester United player. Currently, he is suspended from the team and will remain until the case.

According to few reports, Greenwood’s sponsors terminated the contract. Some of the teammates like Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David De Gea unfollowed the youngster from Instagram.


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 Recently, his girlfriend posted on her Instagram and thanked everyone for the support. Since his arrest, Greenwood is yet to make any statement or any public appearance.

Drop your views on Castro’s statement and what do you think about all the situations in the comment section below.

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