Marzil Announces His Departure From Velocity Gaming

Valorant Professional player, Marzil announced in one of his recent streams that he will be parting ways with his current team Velocity Gaming. Marzil expressed his desire to play tournaments rather than sitting as the 6th man in the tournament. He has always been a valuable player to Velocity Gaming in most of the needed clutch situations.

Velocity Gaming has announced this news on the official Instagram handle of Velocity Gaming. The organisation wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

Why Marzil Left Velocity Gaming?

After playing for almost one year for Velocity Gaming, the organization decided to bench their professional player Marzil in January 2022. Vibhor replaced him as the 5th player of Velocity Gaming. Velocity has performed pretty well with its current five-man composition till APAC VCT Challengers.

And it makes it too difficult for a well-settled team to make such player changes. But this situation seems completely off for a professional player like Marzil who also wants to make it into the playing 5. So, because of this reason, Marzil decided to switch to the new Valorant team.

What’s Next For Marzil 

Marzil has been a mind-blowing esports player not only in the Valorant esports scene, but in CS: GO too. And being a part of teams such as Velocity Gaming makes him more precious. He said that he has made up his mind that in the next VCC he should be playing from a team rather than sitting behind and watching others play. Marzil has said that he will join a team within a month. He is determined to play for a team and represent India in the future.

Marzil has earned his name in the valorant professional esports scene. And which is enough for any professional team to recommend Marzil’s name in their upcoming roster. A professional athlete like Marzil can for sure make other teams think about having him on the roster. Marzil seems super clean with his vision to perform in the valorant esports scene.

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
Aditya is a content writer who is an enthusiast of watching and playing Esports games such as Valorant and BGMI and writes about Esports events and happenings.


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