Manchester United Banned Player Mason Greenwood Spotted For The First Time Since Allegations

Playing for Manchester United or the English Giants is a dream for almost all the budding footballers. Mason Greenwood was recruited by the United and he used to play as a forward for the Premier league team. However, recently, Mason Greenwood was spotted for the first time since allegations were charged against him leading to his arrest.

Greenwood was spotted on the 1st of April 2022 for the first time since his arrest. He was spotted driving around Cheshire in a black Mercedes. In an attempt to cover his face Mason Greenwood was seen wearing a black balaclava.

Mason Greenwood Charges and Arrest

Mason Will John Greenwood, originating from England is a professional footballer who played as a forward for Manchester United F.C. He made his debut for the England National team senior squad in 2020 against Iceland. He was born on 1st October 2001 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Assigned the jersey number 11 the forward is 5 feet and 11 inches in height.

Mason Greenwood

Greenwood was accused of assault against a woman in a chain of social media posts. The charges were levied on him on 30th January 2022. The posts were presented by the woman including pictures and videos. It also consisted of audio that presented the conversation between the woman and a man whom she said was Mason.

The same day Mason Greenwood was arrested on the grounds of rape and assault of a woman. Later, that day itself Manchester United officially suspended Greenwood from their club.

The following day Greenwood’s charges were raised on suspicion of sexual assaults and killing threats. EA Sports the video game company made a statement stating the removal of Mason Greenwood from all of their FIFA games. Within a week he was granted bail, but his sponsors like NIKE ended his sponsorship with the brand.

Mason Greenwood was released on a bail on 2nd February 2022 with the investigation still to be continued.

Fans Reaction On The Situation

Leaving aside all the charges levied on Greenwood, this young talent proved to be very dominant for his opponents. In his 130 appearances for the club, he scored 36 important goals. He was an integral part of the team.

Fans seemed quite disappointed with the situation. The fans used their Twitter and other social media handles to express their grief. An angry fan tweetedKeep Mason Greenwood far away from United”.

It has been two months since the charges were levied but still, he hasn’t been proved guilty. One of the fans tweetedTouch not my anointed & do my prophet no harm, I still believe in that 1% chance for Mason Greenwood. No excuse for his conduct, but the kid deserves another chance.”

It will be seen in the near future whether Greenwood will once again join United or not.

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