Major Leaks About Valorant Mobile Version, The Game To Released On Beta First

Valorant is currently one of the most played FPS games in the world. The game was released by Riot in 2020, and in this short span of time, the game has gained massive popularity. After the huge success of the PC version, the developers announced the mobile version of Valorant and now it seems like the beta of the same is close.

The exact release date of the beta version of the whole is not revealed yet, but there’s something that will make the fans happy.

Valorant To Be Released On Beta Version

The mobile version of Valorant was announced by developers at the YR1 event. However, they confirmed then that the game is initial stages and will take a lot of time to release.

However, the latest leak gives hope for the mobile fans that the game is close than ever. Famous leaker Mike shared a post on his Twitter where fans can see the invite link of Valorant Mobile beta version. 

The leak confirms that the game will be released in beta first just like the PC version. But, it is not confirmed when it will launch on the mobile version.

Also, the image on the tweet says, players can invite 5 other friends for the beta testing. This means players can also invite their players and enjoy early access to the game.

However, Mike confirmed that the beta version of the Valorant mobile is months away and it’s nowhere near getting released. As of the invites doesn’t exist now and it was just a leak from the developers.

When Mobile Version Will Release?

Valorant is a PC exclusive game and mobile will be the second platform to witness Riot’s first FPS Game. Furthermore, after the massive success of the Valorant, developers announced that the next platform will be mobile. Mobile has emerged as one of the most famous and favorite platforms to enjoy gaming.

However, to make a game for mobile is not easy especially when its Valorant.

Valorant was released in 2020, after spending several months in beta. So, same things can be said for Valorant mobile also. It will be released in beta first. If the beta version is 5-6 months away, then the game will launch in 2023. But, according to rumors, the developers are trying to release it in 2023.

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