Luka Doncic Bags Season Highest Assists Against Bucks

NBA games are getting more excited as the race to playoffs is going on. Even less than 10 days for the playoffs to start, fans are expecting some extraordinary gameplay from their favorite teams. Last Sunday Luka Doncic showed some epic gameplay. He made a record this season after bagging the highest number of assists.

Luka Doncic usually plays as a point guard or small forward for Dallas Mavericks. The 6.5-foot giant impressed everyone by bagging the highest number of assists this season. His gameplay proved to be successful as Mavericks won the game beating the Bucks by 6 points.

Luka Doncic Became The Highest Assist Maker This Season

The game took place on Sunday. i.e. the 3rd of April 2022. Fans expected some outstanding game from their favorite teams to take the lead. The first quarter ended with the Bucks leading by the scoreline of 33-25. The second quarter ended with Mavericks leading after scoring 32 points in the quarter. During the third and fourth quarters of play, both teams gave fans a nail-biter match. Eventually, Dallas Mavericks emerged victorious by a margin of 118-112 at the end of the fourth quarter.

Luka Doncic proved to play a vital role for the Mavericks. After the game ended he became the player pick-off the highest number of assists this season. He himself made 15 assists for the team. The Bucks didn’t manage to stop Luka Doncic assists. His gameplay gave a clear message to other teams that the Mavericks are one of the topmost contenders whose aim is to grab the NBA season 2021-22 trophy.

During his 39 minutes of gameplay apart from making those vital assists he even scored valuable 32 points for the team. Doncic was even the second-highest for the Mavericks and third-highest overall in taking rebounds. He managed to take a total of 8 rebounds in the game.

Along with Luka Doncic, Dwight Powell also had an excellent game last Sunday where he scored 22 points with a total of 13 rebounds.

Doncic Seasonal Stats

Coming from Slovenia, Luka Doncic was the 3rd pick of the 2018 R1 draft. He had an amazing season resulting in success for the team. Currently, Dallas Mavericks are at the 4th spot in the Western Conference standings. This season the Mavericks won 49 out of all the games they played.

Doncic seasonal stats reveal why he is the key player for the Mavericks. Apart from Luka Doncic assists, this season he has an average of 28.3 points per game with 9.1 rebounds per game and an average of 8.7 assists per game. Apart from these he also has a 3 pointer percentage of 35.3.

It will be interesting to see the team’s performance as the playoffs are on the verge to start.

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Ansh Arora
Ansh Arora
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