List Of Top 5 Valorant Streamers In India, You Must Watch

Valorant is the 2nd most-watched game in India after Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI) and has achieved this huge milestone within a few years of release. And it can be said that streamers have played a very important role in making this happen. In a country like India where mobile games are most popular, it’s tough for an fps PC game to make its space.

Valorant streamers have played a very important role in booming fps games by delivering the most entertaining content for their fans. People love to watch agent gameplays, whiff plays, and so on. Some of the top streamers and their styles to entertain people are listed below:

List Of Valorant Streamers In India

Note: the list doesn’t contains professional players who are also streamers. Also, it’s based on entertainment and the audience’s response.

5. SoloManan

Solo “Manan Arora” has been beloved by his fans for his ability to rank push to radiant in Valorant. Solo gained his interest from the beta version of the game. He has a Youtube family of 78.7k subscribers on Youtube and almost 10k followers on his Instagram. Solo is an Ex CS-GO player who still loves to play CS: GO often.

Channel link

4. Zishu

Zishu “Sohail” is a Valorant content creator for the famous organization XO. He is an ex-professional CS GO player who is famous for his mind-blowing 3D and 2D montages.

Currently, Zishu holds an audience of 162k subscribers on Youtube and 28.6k followers on Instagram. Zishu’s popularity came into force when his valorant montage video Above You went viral on Youtube which crossed a mark of 700k views on his channel. After this video Zishu got consistent in making his valorant montages and gained subscribers rapidly.

3. 8bit Binks69

Mithul “Binks” Nayak is a professional Valorant player for T69 and content creator for S8UL Esports. Binks is a hard-working guy who loves streaming and playing games.

He streams on two different platforms; Loco and Youtube. Binks has an audience of 202k subscribers on youtube and 56.9k followers on the loco. Binks has 67.9k followers on Instagram.

His channel boomed after watching his aggressive raze gameplays in valorant.

Channel link

2. Fa2

Fans denote Fa2 as a pure entertainer. He is a content creator for India’s one of the best Valorant team Velocity Gaming. 

Fa2 well-known streamer who streams mainly on Youtube with a sub-count of 121k subscribers. He has 41.9k followers on Instagram and is famous for his partner entertainment with Tbone. If you are looking for a late-night streamer then you should definitely watch Fa2 for your late-night entertainment.

Fa2 channel link

1. Tbone

Tbone is an ex-CS:GO streamer and current valorant content creator for Velocity Gaming. He has an Audience of 183k subscribers on Youtube and 29.1k followers on Loco.

Tbone is famous for his partnered entertainment with Fa2. When these two are playing together it is most difficult for anyone to hold their laughter.

Channel Link

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
Aditya is a content writer who is an enthusiast of watching and playing Esports games such as Valorant and BGMI and writes about Esports events and happenings.


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