List Of Teams Who Have Won India Series In BGMI Or PUBG Mobile

In the initial days, it was PUBG Mobile who introduced esports to a large number of its audience mostly with the India Series which was also known as PMIS. Later on, after the ban of the game, the replacement of the game which is BGMI continued the tournament with the same name of India Series and termed it as BGIS.

There have been a total of 3 events as of now in India and the fourth edition is going to be held in 2022. So, let’s have a look at the teams who have won the BGIS or PMIS previously.

Teams Who Have Lifted The Trophy Of India Series In BGMI or PUBG Mobile

As of now, there have been a total of 3 editions of the India series; 2 in PUBG Mobile and 1 in BGMI. BGIS 2021 was held recently and was concluded in the month of January.

So, let’s quickly have a look on the teams who have won BGMI and Pubg Mobile India Series:

  1. Team Soul (2019)


  • Mortal
  • Ronak
  • Viper
  • Owais

Team Soul won the first Pubg Mobile India Series also known as PMIS in the year 2019 in Hyderabad. It was PUBG Mobile’s second official tournament in India after PUBG Mobile Campus Championship.

Mortal and Co bagged Rs. 30 lakh from the massive prize pool for winning the tournament. They also received extra kills for being the squad with the most kills.

PUBG Mobile’s esports all started there and Mortal became one of the sensations in the country. His famous nade on the map of Erangle is still famous and many term it as PUBG’s Dhoni World Cup-winning six moment.

  • Winner: Team Soul
  • Runner-up: (Gods Reign)
  • MVP: ItsKK (Gods Reign)

2. TSM-Entity (2020)


  • Neyoo
  • Jonathan
  • Clutchgod
  • ZGOD

The 2020 edition of PUBG Mobile India Series was held in offline mode and there was no LAN event due to the pandemic. TSM-Entity were one of the most dominating teams at that time and they proved that in the tournament.

TSM-Entity won the trophy with over more than 27 points in hand over 2nd position team Fnatic. TSM’s star player Jonathan even made a record of bagging the most number of kills in a single match during the tournament; 16 kills in a match.

TSM-Entity received ₹20,00,000 for winning the second edition of PUBG Mobile. Other players also received a huge sum of money for their performance.

  • Winner: TSM Entity
  • 2nd: Fnatic
  • MVP(The Chosen One): Owais (Fnatic)

3. Skylightz Gaming (2021)


  • Destro
  • Pukar
  • Saumraj
  • GamlaBoy

After the ban of the PUBG Mobile, it came down to Battlegrounds Mobile India to replace the tournament with BGIS. Moreover, Skylightz Gaming won the India Series edition of BGMI and also became the first champions of an official tournament.

Skylightz gaming received a whopping ₹50,00,000 for winning the tournament which is the maximum till now in the history of the India Series tournament. Skylightz made a comeback on the final day to clinch the title from the hands of Team XO.

Ex TSM-Entity player Neyo who joined Godlike in 2021 became the MVP.

  • Winner: Skylightz Gaming
  • 2nd: TSM
  • MVP(The Chosen One): Neyoo (Godlike Esports)

The 4th edition of the India Series will be played in the second half of 2022. What are your predictions for this time, let us know in the comment section below.

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