List Of Teams Qualified For Valorant Champions Tour, VCT Masters Stage-1 Iceland

Teams Qualified VCT Masters: In recent times Valorant has emerged as a major Esports platform. The game has gained immense popularity among the community of gamers since its launch. To show their skills and gaming talent various championships and tournaments have been conducted. Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) is a similar platform for the gaming community to showcase their talent.

With reference to VCT, the 2022 stage 1 Masters will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland between April 10 and April 24. Various teams have been qualified to take part in this event. After the successful accomplishment of the 2021 season, the audience now has higher hopes for this season.


Here presenting to you the full list of qualified teams. Last year’s Masters champions Sentinels failed to qualify neither did the other crowned champions namely Gambit Esports, Acend succeeded to qualify.

The teams qualified are:

1. Fnatic (EMEA)

Fnatic secured victory against M3 champions in the playoffs. They played best of three rounds in which Fnatic won the first map in a nail-biting situation that eventually ended with a scoreline 13-11 favouring the Fnatic.

Although their opponents won the second map, however after a long fight with a scoreline of 23-21, Fnatic esports were crowned victorious.

2.Team Liquid (EMEA)

Funplus Phoenix fought against team liquid to qualify for the masters. They defeated team liquid in two straight rounds with a scoreline of 13-10 in Split and 13-9 in Haven. They emerged victorious becoming the second team to qualify from the same region.

However with two players in Russia and one player in Ukraine travelling became difficult for them resulting in Team Liquid spot in the tournament as their replacement.

3.G2 Esports (EMEA)

G2 ESPORTS managed to qualify for the Masters stage by beating team Liquid. Although they lost the grand finals to team FPX, they qualified for the Masters.

3. Optic Gaming ( North America NA)

Optic gaming conquered the playoffs qualifying themselves for the Masters . They faced the Guard and they too won two consecutive rounds with a scoreline of 13-10 and 13-4 on split and bind respectively.


The GUARD beat one of the best teams in North America Cloud9 ensuring their spot in VCT masters. The Guard hard work and skills have helped them achieve this milestone.


PAPER REX won the grand finale held in the Apac region confirming their seat in the Masters stage 1. Last year also they qualified for the same held in Berlin but weren’t able to crown themselves as the champions.


It consisted of players which were in X10 last year. They made an excellent example last year after defeating team Envy during the group stage .

8. DRX ( KOREA )

DRX is the same team which came and fought as vision strikers last year in Masters held in berlin . In the group stage their dominance is evident by their 6-1 score line and even in the playoffs they lost only one map. They are considered as one of the best teams of Korea.


ZETA division emerged victorious over Crazy Racoon in Stage 1 playoffs grand finals of Japan to qualify for the masters. This year it will be the solo team representing Japan in VCT masters Stage 1.


LOUD had an amazing qualifier with an undefeated group stage. They emerged Victorious in the playoffs with an amazing undefeated streak of 8-0. They will be a centre of attraction in the tournament.


They qualified for all the three VCT events last year along with sentinels and crazy racoon. Unfortunately, apart from them, the other teams failed to qualify for VCT masters Stage 1. They beat Leviatan in a five-game series in the grand finale of the qualifiers. This year they appointed a new coach, so watching their game will be more interesting.

Apart from the following mentioned teams, one more team will be qualified on April 1 between Brazil Ninjas in Pyjamas and Latin Americas Leviatan.

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