List Of Qualified Teams In NBA Play-Offs And Play-Ins From Both Eastern And Western Conference

NBA regular season has almost come to an end. By the 10th of April, the regular season will be over. After that, the play-in and playoffs games will be played. Altogether, we had an exciting season so far, let’s see who grabs the trophy this time. Here’s presenting you the list of qualified teams for play-ins and play-offs in NBA this season.

Although the season started with low viewership ratings, eventually as the season has almost come to an end the viewership response has raised by 20% from last season. It is expected that the knockout games will gather more impressive figures in matters of public response.

Teams In NBA Play-Offs

After the end of the Play-In tournament, the playoffs will start. The first round of the tournament is scheduled to take place on April 16.

Teams standing at 1st to 6th position at the end of the regular season eventually qualify for the playoffs. Total 8 teams from each conference participate including winners of the Play-In tournament. Each team has to play the best of seven rounds in the playoffs. The winner of the majority of rounds qualifies for the next round. It follows the same procedure even in the further rounds, including finals.

Eastern Conference

1st: Miami Heats

2nd: Milwaukee Bucks

3rd: Boston Celtics

4th: Philadelphia 76ers

5th: Toronto Raptors

6th: Chicago Bulls

Western Conference

1st: Phoenix Suns

2nd: Memphis Grizzlies

3rd: Golden State Warriors

4th: Dallas Mavericks

5th: Utah Jazz

6th: Denver Nuggets

Play-Ins Tournament 2021-22

The Play-In tournament is set to begin on April 12 as the regular season ends. The tournament will last for three days concluding on the 15th of April. Thereafter, the playoffs will start.

Teams ending the season in the 7th to 10th spot from the western as well as the eastern conferences will have to go through a Play-In tournament to guarantee their spot in the playoffs. Teams ending in 7th and 8th position will have to go head to head in this tournament while 9th and 10th position teams face each other. The winner of the 7th and 8th position teams will be directly seeded into the playoffs.

The winner of the 9th and 10th position teams will face the earlier lost team to guarantee their spot in the playoffs. Eventually, the winners of both the qualifiers seed directly to the playoffs.

NBA Play-In Tournament bracket 2022

Eastern Conference

7th: Brooklyn Nets

8th: Cleveland Cavaliers

9th: Atlanta Hawks

10th: Charlotte Hornets

Western Conference

7th: Minnesota Timberwolves

8th: Los Angeles Clippers

9th:  New Orleans Pelicans

10th: San Antonio Spurs

So here is the complete list of NBA Play-Offs teams And Play-Ins teams. Let’s see who gonna win the NBA title this year.

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