List of NBA Teams Who Have Never Won an NBA Championship

NBA Teams who have not won a championship till now: There are various successful NBA teams, some have made histories or some have broken records but there are a few NBA teams that are yet to shine out from the crowd and show their presence.

Every NBA team has its own attribute, some have immense luck whereas some teams are still to win. Out of a total of 30 teams, there are 11 teams who are yet to win the championship. The current champions are Golden State Warriors and it is their 7th title (4 under the name of GSW) now. However, the teams with the most wins are Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers with 17 titles each.

List of NBA Teams Without A Championship

There are some of the best NBA teams who are yet to acquire their position in the list of NBA champions. Some of these teams have reached till NBA finals quite a few times but were unable to secure their position.

let’s know about the 11 NBA teams which are yet to win the championship in detail,

1. The Indiana Pacers

With 3 ABA championships and with nine division titles, the Pacers haven’t won any NBA championship titles till now. In the 2000 NBA championship, they reached till finals but were defeated by Los Angeles Lakers in the end. Also at that time, Lakers center player Shaquille O’Neal was named the Most Valuable Player of the series.

Apart from their clash at the 2000 NBA finals, the team has not won any NBA championship to date. Even though the Pacers have proved themselves strong on my occasions, they need to come back stronger now.

2. Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have won 2 ABA championship titles but are yet to win an NBA championship title. Brooklyn Nets previously played as New Jersey Americans but were renamed in 1996. They reached the finals twice in 2002 and 2003 but lost both times to the Lakers and the Spurs respectively.

When Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov took over the ownership of the team and tried to change their circumstances by trading the former Celtics star which become one of the most failed missions in the history of the NBA.

3. Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets, in spite of being owned by Michael Jordan the team has not been in finals or won division titles let alone a championship title. Michael Jordan needs to bring his game otherwise the team will continue with their downfall in NBA.

4. Utah Jazz

Jazz has mixed growth till now as they were least successful in their early years but in 1984 the team qualified for playoffs consecutively since 2004. They also reached for NBA finals and secured conference titles in 1997 and 1998 but lost both the time to Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan.

5. Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies have faced various downfalls in their NBA so far. The team is yet to win conference or championship titles but has always been one of the toughest and most challenging teams to be faced in NBA playoffs.

6. Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns have made three appearances in NBA finals but ended up losing them all. They had their first conference title in 1976, losing against Celtics, hereafter in 1993 and 2021 losing against Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks respectively.

We hope to see the team winning the championship title very soon.

7. Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers haven’t won any championship title till now unlike their rivals Los Angeles Lakers who holds the record for most NBA championship title. They reached till semi-finals for the first time in 2021, so there’s a hope they may be closer to the title in upcoming seasons.

8. New Orleans Pelicans

The Orleans has qualified for playoffs various times and has one division title but has never once reached finals. They had some of the best players including Davis and cousins but it didn’t last due to injuries.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota is among the average team who has not won any conference or championship title till now. They reached till playoffs in 2018 after 14 years. They seem to be stuck in their own spiral.

10. Orlando Magic

The Orlando magics won the conference title in 1995 with Shaquille O’Neal but were defeated by Houston Rockets. Also during the 2009 finals, Los Angeles Lakers won the tournament at the end. Even with zero NBA championship titles, the team still has various division titles.

11. Denver Nuggets

The main achievement of the Denver Nuggets is reaching for the western Conference titles in 1990 but apart from that, the team is yet to win ABA and NBA Championship titles. The nuggets have also reached playoffs quite a few times and hold several divisional titles.

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