List Of 5 Countries Playing Cricket, You Would Have Never Guessed

Cricket is a global sport, cricket fans are scattered in almost every country and their love for the game made them play cricket. Many countries made cricket one of the most important sports also given beneficial support to raise the game of cricket.

The organization that regulates the game and gives recognization as a cricket-playing nation is the ICC(International Cricket Council). The ICC marks the nations who are merely acting in the game of cricket ad they are allotted as the main destinations for international matches and tournaments. But many nations in the world are inactive in the game of cricket but their love for the game made them support the game and made a national team as a symbol of support towards the game.

Here is the list of five countries that are playing cricket but fans are not much aware of the teams.

5 Countries Playing The Game Of Cricket, You Have Never Guessed Of

1. Germany

The country is famous for football, but one thing that amazed everyone is that Germany has its national team in cricket. It was the British army who bought cricket in Germany, the Britishers play cricket during weekends and made it famous among the people of Germany. The team of Germany had got their affiliation from ICC in 1999 and from then this team also made its name as a cricket-playing nation.

The captain of the German cricket team is Venkatraman Ganesan and its coach is Keith Thompson. This team is currently running and regulated by the German Cricket federation.

2. Bahrain

The small country near the Atlantic Ocean is also known for its love for the game of cricket. The emergence of cricket in Bahrain has started by the British and lately it is getting famous when the Royal army of Bahrain started playing the game. The games between Royal Army and Britisher are the highlights that made it famous between common people too.

It was affiliated with the ICC in 2011. Bahrain cricket was organized and regulates by the Bahrain Cricket Association. Mohsin Kamal is the captain of the Bahrain National team.

3. Philippines

The country which exists in the eastern Philippines has no exact history of how the game has started in their country but many rumors have stated that cricket had started by the merchants of the Philippines.

In 2003 Philippines has got its affiliation from ICC and in 2017 Philippines has become an associated member of ICC. Faisal Khan is the captain of the Philippines National team.

4. Canada

The small nation of Canada is also famous in the world for its emerging cricket skills. It were the Britishers who made cricket famous in Canada. ICC gave the affiliation to Canada in 1968 and become its associate member in 1998.

Canada is also known for its fighting skills in the ICC qualifier tournaments. Rizwan Cheema is the captain of the Canada national team and  Gus Logie and Michael Dighton are the coach of the national team of Canada.

5. UAE

UAE is the country that is known for its cricket stadiums and clean hosting of cricket tournaments. UAE is a country that is emerging as cricket playing nation. It was got its affiliation and associated membership in 1989.

Ahmed Raza is the captain of the UAE national team and Dougie Brown is the coach of the team.

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Tauqeer Belal
Tauqeer Belal
Tauqeer is a young writer who is enthusiastic about the game of cricket and writes about what is going on in the game of cricket around the world. Currently, he is pursuing his Journalism degree from St. Xaviers' College, Ranchi.


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