LeBron James Asks Kyrie Irving To ‘Stop’ As The Nets’ Star Scored Season High 60 Points, Twitter Flooded With Appreciation

Brooklyn Nets thrashed Orlando Magic as Kyrie Irving bagged career-high 60 points in the game. A lot of records were scattered in March, especially in this week and Irving’s 60 points came on the following day after Karl-Anthony Towns scored 60 points on March 14. This happened first time since 1962, the NBA witnessed two 60 points games from players on consecutive days.

It was obvious that with these insane performances come out insane reactions. This time even LeBron James took to Twitter to share his views on the match.

LeBron James Reacts To Kyrie Irving’s 60 Points Against Orlando Magic

Irving scored 60 points playing for 35 minutes for Brooklyn Nets and helped them to defeat Magic by 150-108. This is the second 60 pointer of the season; previously Karl-Anthony Towns scored 60 just a day before.

LeBron James who scored 56 points on March 5, also took to Twitter and reacted to Irving’s performance. James wrote on Twitter,“Ky stop it man!!! Actually don’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

The other NBA fans also took to Twitter to appreciate Irving’s 60. Let’s have a look:

41-points in the first half.

Imagine if it was done.

Some rules

Was that funny?

Accept it?

Some Stats Related To 60 Points of Kyrie Irving

Most 60 Pointers in NBA

Kyrie Irving scored the 78th 60 pointers of NBA history and became the 32nd player to do so. Also, he is the 12th active player to score 60 in a single game.

Wilt Chamberlain has the highest number of 60 pointers which is 32 followed by Kobe Byrant, who had 6. James Harden and Michale Jordan and on third with 4 60-pointers.

Season High

Irvinh has now scored the season high points, tied with Karl-Anthony Towns who also has 60 points. LeBron James and Trae Young are on 3rd tied with 56 points.

  • Mar-15: Kyrie Irving-60 POINTS
  • Mar-14: Karl-Anthony Towns-60 POINTS
  • Mar-5: LeBron James 56 POINTS
  • Jan-3: Trae Young 56 POINTS
  • Mar.-6 Jayson Tatum 54 POINTS
  • Mar-13: Kevin Durant 53 POINTS
  • Feb-28: Ja Morant 52 POINTS
  • Feb-10: Luka Doncic 51 POINTS
  • Jan-23: Jayson Tatum 51 POINTS
  • Dec-12: Kevin Durant 51 POINTS

Interestingly, most of the high pointer games came in 2022.

Play-off Spot For Brooklyn Nets

Despite the huge win, the Nets are on 8th and a playoff spot doesn’t seem a very easy job for them.

Nets are now with 36-33 behind Raptors who are 38-30.

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