Leaks Suggest Valorant In Development Of New 1vs1 Arena Gamemode

Valorant developers are yet again working to bring something out of box for the players. This time the leaks suggest that a possible 1vs1 arena gamemode in Valorant is in development where players can compete solo.

1vs1 basically means competing on our own skills and defeating the opponent. This might come useful for players who were waiting for a long time to do 1vs1 with their friends. However, nothing has been made official yet and the mode is in the development process. But, we have some more details about the mode and now let’s move forward on that.

When Is Valorant Releasing 1vs1 Arena Gamemode?

According to the famous leaker, Valor leaks, the game mode is in development and there is no specific date of release as of now. Even he mentioned that it ‘who knows if it will even make it out of development’ as the mode is still in development.

the mode will be a best of 10 or 13. This means players need to secure a minimum of 6 or 7 rounds in order to emerge victorious.

Again, these are all speculations based on the leaks, but the leaks from Valor Leaks have mostly been on point.

As of now, Valorant players have exciting game modes other than Unrated and competitive which is deathmatch and Replication.

How To Do 1vs1 In Valorant Now?

Valorant 1vs1

So, if you want to perform a 1vs1 with any of your friends now, before the mode is made available then the Custom room is the only way.

Moreover, players can select maps, and game modes in custom game mode and then can jump into the game. Custom games are the game modes used for 5vs5 games in competitive.

Also, many streamers use the mode to do a fun stream playing along with 10 friends instead of 5.

So, with the help of custom mode, valorant players can enjoy 1vs1, or 2vs2 or anything they want in the game.

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