Know Why The IPL 2022 Auction Paused In Between

IPL 2022 auction was going with full flow and suddenly due to some inconvenience, the auction was paused. According to reports, the Auctioneer Hugh Edmeades collapsed on the stage.

As of now, it’s confirmed that he’s fine.

Why Was The IPL 2022 Auction Paused? 

IPL 2022 auction started on 12th January and it was going well. Sri Lankan player Hasaranga was the 25th player into the bid and he received bid of more than 10cr.

Then suddenly, the auctioneer Hugh Edmeades fell down from the stage and reports suggest he collapsed. Due to this, the broadcast was paused and the auction was stopped in between.

Nothing official has been said on the scenario but fans are praying for his health. Many speculate that it occurred due to dehydration.

As of now, the auction is paused and it will begin shortly. We can’t share the images of the scene, because it might contain insensitive content.

As per the latest reports, Hugh is fine and the auction will begin shortly.

Summary Of IPL Auction 2022 till Now

A total of 24 appeared for bid and out of them, 20 were sold. The most surprising unsold went for Suresh Raina, whose base price was 2Cr.

Shreyas Iyer is the most expensive signing as of now. He was sold to Kolkata Knight Riders for a whopping price of 12.75 crore.

Royal Challengers Bangalore brought back Harshal Patel for 10.75cr rupees, making him the second most expensive buy till now.

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