Know Why Team Nugget Got Banned From Skyesports Grand Slam

In the 6th match of the 6th day of the Skyesports Grand slam, viewers saw something unusual on the stream. A message on the left side popped up which said, a player has been banned. A player from Team Nugget was banned by the game during the Skyesports Grand slam due to the prohibition of rules.

The organizer of the tournaments, Skyesports has now released an official statement, confirming the ban of the team. So, let’s have a look at the matter in detail.

Team Nugget Banned From Skyesports Grand Slam

Grand Slam is a BGMI tournament organized by Skyesports. A total of 16 teams qualified for the finals and one of them was Team Nugget.

The team was performing way till Day-6 and many considered them as the finds of the tournament. However, everything changed when a ban notification popped up on the stream. A player from Team Nugget was banned during the game.

Now, Skyesports have released their official statement and have confirmed the ban of the team from Skyesports further tournaments. As per the rules, the player failed to provide his POV, which was mandatory according to the officials.

As a result, Team Nugget didn’t play the 6th day and are now suspended for a further three months to participate in any SKyesports tournaments. Skyesports made a quick decision which is not often seen by many BGMI organizers.

Before the ban, Team Nugget were placed on the 11th point after Day-6 with 227 points.

Skyesports Grand Slam Finals

After 6th days of immense battle, all the 15 days battled on the last day to prove themselves. Team XO entered the final day as table toppers followed by Team Soul.

The last day will be to decide, who will lift the trophy and take home the prize money. What are your predictions on thee winner, let us know in the comment section below.

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