Know Why Cypher Was Removed From Valorant: Is He Back Now? Full Details Here

Sentinel agent Cypher was removed from Valorant a few days back. However, Cypher was not the only one who was removed, but Astra and Yoru were also among them. Furthermore, the other two agents came back within hours but the fix for Cypher took time.

Cypher is a sentinel agent in the Valorant and is well known for his sneaky gameplay of holding the sites. His abilities of Trapwire (200 creds), cyber cage(100 creds), camera(free -and can be reused after waiting for a span of time), and his ultimate Neural Theft (gets charged in 7 orb points) allows cypher to completely lock a site. Cypher is often picked in large maps such as the breeze and the Ascent.

Why Cypher Was Removed From Valorant?

Recently, Cypher was removed from the competitive agent selection and also from the agent tab on the home page of the game. Valorant officials confirmed that they will be removing Cypher after an exploit was detected.

It was announced on the official Twitter page of valorant. At this stage, fan theories were made to remove Jett too for public reaction and stuff like that. The decision was made on the dawn of 3rd March 2022.

It was said that cypher traps on the map of Bind were creating serious server issues as players after getting caught by the trap wire were kicked out of the game. Watch the below video to know more about this bug.

Cypher Trip in Hooka (Bind) causing server to break and kicking everyone out. from VALORANT

Is Cypher Back in the Game?

But guess what Valorant was too concerned with this issue and fixed the bug within 24 hours and officially announced that Cypher is back online on the agent selection table.

The announcement was made in a sarcastic way which made an attractive impact on valorant players. Officials of Valorant announced that “Cypher has found his hat and is now back in all queues. Thanks for your patience on this one!”. The announcement was made on the dawn of 4th March 2022 officially on the official Twitter page of valorant.

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Aditya Kumar
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