Know What Are the Famous Nicknames Of Some legendary Cricketers

Mostly nicknames are given to a person for the emotional connection. For the players or cricketers, the nicknames are mostly given on their achievement. The players enter into their profession with one name and they gain a lot of nicknames with their success.

Famous Nicknames Of Cricketers

  •  Shahid  Afridi

Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi was the captain of the Pakistan National cricket team. He was known for his aggressive batting. He is nicknamed Boom Boom Afridi and Lala.

  • Mushtaq Ahmed

Mushtaq is the Spinner Bowling Coach of the Pakistan Cricket team and was a Pakistani Cricketer earlier. He is known as Mushie and Jaadugar.

  • Saeed Ajmal

He is a Pakistani Cricketer Coach and was a Pakistani Cricketer. He is nicknamed  The Magician and Saeed Bhai

  • James Anderson

James Michael Anderson OBE is his full name. He plays for the Lancashire country and England Cricket Team. He is known as The Burnley Lara and The Burnley Express.

  • Warwick Armstrong

He was an Australian Cricketer, who has a Right-hand Batting Style. He is known as Big Ship.

  • Ravichandran Ashwin

Ashwin is an Indian Cricketer. He is a Rounder And uses the Right Hand for Batting and Bowling. He is nicknamed Ash.

  • Jonny Bairstow

His full name is Jonathan Marc Bairstow. He is an English Cricketer of the UK. He is nicknamed Y JB.

  • Omari Banks

Omari Ahmed Clement Banks is his full name. He is a former cricketer of Anguilla. He is known as Bankie.

  • lan Bell

His full name is lan Ronald Bell MBE. He is an English former cricketer of the UK. He is nicknamed Belly and The Sherminator.

  • Andy Caddick

His full name is Andrew Richard Caddick. He is Right-am fast-medium bowler and a Right-hand bowler. He is known as Des, Shack, and Wingnut.

  • Kapil Dev

His full name is Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj. He is a former cricketer of India. He made India Win its first World cup. Kapil Dev is known as The Haryana Hurricane.

  • M.S Dhoni

His full name is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni is a former Indian Cricketer and was captain of the Indian National Cricket Team. His nicknames are Thala, MSD, MAHI, Captain Cool.

  • J.W.H.T. Douglas
  1. His full name is John William Henry Tyler Douglas. He was a UK Cricketer. He is nicknamed Johny Won’t Hit Today.
  • Sean Ervine

His full name is Sean Michael Ervine. He is a Former Cricketer of Zimbabwe. He is called Slug and Suic.

  • Sourav Ganguly

 His full name is Saurav Chandidas Ganguly. He is the former captain of the Indian national cricket team. His nicknames are Prince of Kolkata, God of Offside, and Dada.

  • Chris Gayle

His full name is Christopher Henry Gayle and he is a Jamaican former cricketer. Generally known as World Boss, Mr.T20, and Universe Boss.

  • Ashley Giles

His full name is Ashley Fraser Giles MBE. He is a former English cricketer of the United Kingdom. His nicknames are Gilo, Skinny, Splash, The king of Spain, and Wheelie Bin.

  • W.G. Grace

His full name is William Gilbert Grace. He is a cricketer of the UK and his nicknames are W.G., The Doctor, The Old Man, and The Champion.

  • Mohammad Hafeez

He is a former Pakistani Cricketer, who was born on 17 October 1980. His nicknames are Professor and Professor of Sargodha.

  • Charlie Macartney

Macartney was a former Australian Cricketer. He was born on 27 June 1886. He played 35 Test Match, His nickname is Governor-General.

So, these were the nicknames of above 20 Cricketers.

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