Know How To Claim Neon AWM In BGMI For Free In March 2022: Holi Special Gifts From BGMI

BGMI has been launched in India last year in July 2021. As an Indian version of PUBG Mobile, Krafton keeps on introducing events based on Indian Festivals. As of the latest event in BGMI which is based on the Holi festival, fans can collect their favorite Neon – AWM for free and free outfits.

The upcoming festival Holi (festival of colors) is the theme of a new event in BGMI. The developer of BGMI has introduced many events based on Holi this march. Most awaited Brilliance – M416 and many other rewards are there in this event.

Happy Holi Event and its Rewards: Free AWM Skin In BGMI

There are going to be many events this March, at the upcoming festival – Holi. These events are, Happy Holi EventHoli Fun EventHoli Bash Event, and Holi Battle EventEach event consists of various rewards and different missions for collecting those.

In this article, we are particularly going to tell you about rewards in the Happy Holi Event. This event starts on 25/02/2022 and will end on 17/03/2022 (UTC+0). So, make sure to complete the event before it ends in order to claim your free skins, outfits, and many other exciting rewards.

The Rewards in the Happy Holi Event are as follows:

  • The first reward is Colorful Cap
  • The second reward is Colorful Shirt
  • The third reward is Colorful Pants
  • The fourth reward is Colorful Shoes
  • The fifth reward is Neon – AWM
  • The sixth reward is 50 RP Points (Royal Pass Points)
  • The seventh reward is 1 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • The eighth reward is 1 Supply Crate Coupon Scrap
  • The ninth reward is 100 AG (Ace Gold)

How to collect AWM and Other Rewards in the Happy Holi Event In BGMI

Step-1: Open the BGMI app and go to the events section on the top-right side of the screen.

Step-2: The first event will be the Happy Holi event. Now follow the points mentioned below.

To get the complete Colorful Outfit, you have to collect Water Gun. All these items will be permanently added to inventory and can be redeemed once only.

      • 10 Water Gun for Colorful Cap
      • 20 Water Gun for Colorful Shirt
      • 20 Water Gun for Colorful Pants
      • 10 Water Gun for Colorful Shoes
  • To claim the Neon – AWM, one has to collect 100 Water Gun. It will be a permanent skin and can be redeemed once only.
  • To get 50 RP Points, you have to collect 5 Water Gun. This item can be redeemed 5 times, which means a total of 250 RP Points (50 RP Points * 5times).
  • For claiming 1 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap, you have to collect 5 Water Gun which can be redeemed 10 times.
  • For claiming 1 Supply Crate Coupon Scrap, you have to collect 5 Water Gun which can be redeemed 10 times.
  • To claim 100 AG (Ace Gold), you have to collect 5 Water Gun which can be redeemed 10 times (a total of 1000 AG).

All you need to do is to find Water Gun and claim the reward you want. You can claim all items in the reward if you possess enough Water Gun.

How To Get Water Gun for Claiming Happy Holi Rewards

Water Gun is going to be the only item that will let you claim rewards in the Happy Holi event. It can be obtained from event missions like Holi Battle. There will few missions which have to be completed in order to get these Water Gun from Holi Battle. Like, play 10 classic modes to get 10 Water Gun.

These Water guns can be obtained from the Holi Fun event also. It contains some missions just like Holi Battle.

Water Gun can be used to exchange for rewards and gets dismantled from inventory right after completion of the event.

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