Know How To Claim Alpha Threat Player Card In Valorant?

Customizing a player’s profile is way too expensive in Valorant. The rare moments of Valorant are giving away amazing free stuff – Alpha Threat Player Card. The Omega Earth-based player card can be redeemed for a short period of time by any valo player.

Riot Games gave players the chance to show off with this player card in a match. As part of their attempt to extend their lore, it introduced Omega Earth and has shown tribute to their agents in comic form. Omega Eath population perceives Alpha Earth agents as a threat.

How To Redeem Alpha Threat Player Card?

A few cards in the game are comic-book-style, including the Alpha Threat. A new map, Pearl, includes a comic book store and an in-game cinematic hinting at some DC Universe narrative.

Making the Alpha Threat Player Card yours in Valorant is relatively easy. Just make sure that you have updated Valorant to its update of the 5.01 patch. If not then just download and install the latest update to avail this exciting stuff. The card will be added to the inventory waiting for you to equip as soon you open Valorant.

When you visit the ‘Collection’ section in the menu, the Alpha Threat card pops you under the ‘Player Cards’ section. By selecting the ‘Show Owned Only’ option players would have an easier time finding it out. Currently, it is unknown when Riot Games will be making it available for players but it is quite obvious that it will be available after passing Pride month.

Valorant can be accessed from the Riot Client by starting it and waiting it to load. On loading, players will receive a prompt about their player card that confirms they have claimed it.

It should also be noted that this card is only available for a limited period of time, so if the card fails to appear at the start of the game, it is assumed that it has been withdrawn. Additionally, users will be able to equip the card, which will automatically apply upon clicking.

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