Know How To Buy Noble Lineage Set And Other Legendary Items In BGMI for Free

Everyone’s favorite battle royale BGMI never fails to surprise players with new items. Every time it tries to come up with new and latest items in its bag. This time it came up with The Noble Lineage Set in BGMI and that too for free. No UC No Worries, it means players don’t have to spend UC to purchase this Mythic Item.

It is a very rare moment that BGMI offers players to get Mythic items for free. Either players have to spend a lot of UC to get these items or they have to purchase Royale Pass to get them. So getting an item without spending a single penny from your pocket, isn’t it great. Let’s look into how to get this Noble Lineage Set and other Mythic Items too.

Traditional Noble Lineage Set For Free

Players are very excited that BGMI has brought a mythic item for free, but the excitement doesn’t end here. This new mythic item depicts the Tradition Outfit of India too, which made players go crazy to see their customs and fashion in the game.

Steps to be followed by players to get Noble Lineage Set:

  • First, players have to open the BGMI application on their mobile phones.
  • After that, players have to click on the Shop option in the top right corner.
  • After entering the Shop, players have to click on the Outfit option on the right side. On clicking it, a drop-down menu with the list of items will appear.
  • On scrolling a bit, players can find the item named Noble Lineage Set.
  • Players can buy this item permanently just using 2520 Silver Fragments.
  • After that players can purchase a turban named: Noble Lineage Headgear to complete this set.
  • This turban will be right below the outfits, and players can obtain this item permanently for 1120 Silver Fragments.

So this is how players can obtain this elegant item permanently in their inventory. Players who want a complete set can purchase both Noble Lineage Set with Headgear to get a more appealing look.

Brief History Of Noble Lineage Set In BGMI

This Traditional Noble Linwage Set depicts Indian culture. Because in earlier times, great emperors and kings used to wear these kinds of outfits. The jewelry shows the wealth of the king, more jewelry means more wealth.

Other Free Legendary Items In BGMI

other legendary items

Apart from this item, players can also purchase other legendary items for free. Players have to follow the same steps as mentioned above. Match your outfit with your headgear and players are ready to go with a complete set.

The list of free legendary items is as follows:

  • Wild Ambition Set
  • Corsair Outfit
  • Persian Warrior Outfit
  • Scrapper’s Set
  • Fiery Brawler Set
  • Marksman Set

If players don’t want to purchase any particular item permanently, then they can buy it temporarily. At the time of purchase, there will be 3 options given to players. The first is to purchase it for 7days, the second is for 30days, and lastly permanent. Depending upon purchase duration, the number of silver fragments increases.

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