Know Everything About Pokemon Go Mega Evolution Update And Bonuses

Trainers are too excited for the Mega evolution update in Pokemon Go. Introducing Mega Evolutions in the mainline with Pokémon X and Y. Mega Evolutions took place through the use of specific stones. Niantic update to Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go is a huge change we have seen this year so far.

Pokémon GO’s Mega Evolution has been contending since its introduction. Some trainers continue to ignore the Mega Energy requirement completely even today. Mega Pokémon have limited utility outside of costly raids and remote raids because of both the resource grind and the limited utility of Mega Pokemon.

Mega Level In Mega Evolution Update

The Mega Evolution Update features a new leveling system for the Mega Evolved Pokemon. now all the Mega Evolved Pokemon will have Mega Level. Let’s see how this mega-leveling system works.

  • Mega Evolved Pokemon have three Mega Levels.
  • As the Pokemon’s Mega Level increases, the bonuses trainers will receive also increase. Each Pokémon has its own bonus, and it remains active only when it is Mega Evolved.
  • To know the Mega Level details, trainers have to click on the Mega Evolution icon on the Pokemon information page. If the Pokemon is Mega Evolved, you will be able to view its Mega Level and what bonuses it will activate. Trainers can preview bonuses unlocked at higher Mega Levels and information regarding increasing Pokemon’s Mega Level.

Bonuses In Mega Evolution Update

New bonuses, as well as old bonuses, will be improvised in this update.

New Bonuses

  • Increased XL Candy: There are increased chances of getting XL Candy when trainers catch the same Pokemon as Mega Evolved one.
  • Increased XP: XP will also increase when trainers will catch the same type as their Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

Existing Bonus

  • Candy will also increase when trainers will catch the same type as their Mega-Evolved Pokemon.
  • When Mega-Evolved Pokemon are used in Raid battles or Gym battles,  the attacks of other Trainers’ Pokémon challenging that same battle will deal more damage.

Cooldowns And Decreased Mega Energy Need In Pokemon Go

Once the Pokemon gets Mega Evolved, Mega energy is no longer needed for Mega Evolution again. Instead of that Pokemon will be set a cooldown time to recover from the exhaustion.

  •  The duration of the cooldown period completely depends on the Mega Level of Pokemon. A low-level Mega Pokémon will require a 72-hour cooldown before it can Mega Evolve again, while a high-level Mega will require only 24 hours.
  • The cooldown period can be reduced with the help of Mega Energy. Less Mega energy spent will result in reducing the cooldown period for a short time and vice versa.
  • If trainers use mega energy to end the cooldown period then the cooldown period will be reset. This means a 72 hour cooldown period ended after 24 hours and starts again at 72 hours.


Finally, trainers will face the least adjustments for Mega Evolving the Pokemon. Currently, the mega update is for Australia and New Zealand. But soon it will be available globally for all trainers across the world.

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