Know At What Time September Valorant Night Market Comes In USA, Canada, India, Australia and Other Servers

What Time Valorant Night Market Comes: Valorant Night market for the month of September is all set to arrive in the game. Moreover, players are excited to buy their favorite items and flip those cards to see what they have got. And sometimes the wait becomes longer if you don’t know about things. So, let us know when the Night market will arrive in Valorant in regions like NA, USA, Canada and India.

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When September Night Market Will Arrive In Valorant?

The night market allows the players to buy some of the game’s skins at a heavy discount. The tab of the night market can be found on the right corner where players will get 6 cards. After flipping these cards, players can unlock the skins which they can buy for this season’s Night Market.

Currently, Episode 5 Act 3 is going on and the night Market will stay in Valorant for at least 10-14 days allowing players time to buy the skins. But when it’ll arrive in the game?

The night market will come in Valorant on 28th September for NA and South America region and on 29th September for India, the Asia Pacific, and the European region. Here are times and details mentioned:

  • USA: 05:00 PM PT, 08:00 PDT
  • Canada: 08:00 PM
  • India: 05:30 AM IST
  • United Kingdom: 1:00 am
  • Australia: 10:00 am

How To Buy Skins From Valorant Night Market?

Buying skins from Valorant night market is not a tough task to perform, still, many players are unaware of the processes. So, here are the steps to purchase skins from the night market:

  • Step-1: Go to the right top corner of loading page where you’ll find a rectangular box
  • Step-2: There you’ll find 6 cards unrevealed. Flip them to know which are the skins you can buy from the night market.
  • Step-3: Once you know which are the skins you can purchase, click on the skins you want to buy.
  • Step-4: The purchase will be complete if you have the required number of Valorant points in your account.

Make sure before making the purchase, you have added enough Valorant points in your account to complete the purchase.

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