Jett To Receive A Nerf In 4.08 Update, Know What Are The Changes In Her Dash Abilities

Jett Nerf In 4.08 Update: One of your favorite agents of Valorant, Jett is all set to get nerfed in Valorant and the new changes will introduce a unique way to use her dash ability. As a result, this might reduce the use and pick rate of the agent.

This is the second big change coming to the Korean agent. Not to forget, earlier, a huge change was made in her ultimate ability, but somehow she survived that she is still in the meta. So, let’s have a look on the changes and discuss whether she will remain in the meta or is this the end of the agent?

New Jett Nerf To Be Introduced In 4.08 Update, Impact On Her Dash Ability

According to a reliable Valorant data miner, Mike, the new update will bring massive changes in Jett’s dash ability. Furthermore, the players will now have a specific time to use the dash ability.

According to Mike, players will have to press the ability button twice. First button will activate the dash ability and after that players will have 12 seconds to use the dash. Press the dash ability button second time to use it, or else it will be gone.

However, the ability will be recharged after 2 kills which is as usual. Let’s have a look at how it will work on the game.

This is a massive change coming as Jett is one of the few agents who are in the meta since the start of the game. It will be interesting to see if she remains in the meta even after getting nerfed in the 4.08 update.

The dash ability is the sole of Jett and the reason why most players pick it. Players often use the ability to make an aggressive peak, but this might change everything. As a result, it will be now Chamber who will be preferred more for aggressive peaks. What are your thoughts on this?

Sova To Also Get Nerfed

Another agent who was in the meta since the very beginning will be getting nerfed in 4.08 along with Jett is Sova.

However, not everything is revealed about this, but his owl drone might take a hit after the update.

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