‘Its an emotion for us BGMI/PUBG lovers’: Mortal Expresses His Love For Alan Walker’s Song After Meeting Him

Famous streamer, Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur recently collaborated with DJ Alan Walker. The event was streamed on Global Esports’ official Youtuber channel, where famous names like SK Rossi, 8bit thug, 8bit Goldy, Rushindra Sinha, and many others were present along with Alan Walker.

After the event, Mortal took to Twitter and expressed his views on his first meeting with Alan Walker. In a picture along with a caption, Mortal wrote,“Wellllll from playing his music on my Starting screen of stream to meeting him 👑🚀 ❤️ Thank you for the masterpiece “On My Way”

Its an emotion for us BGMI/PUBG lovers 🚀

Love from India 🇮🇳

Alan Walker Links With BGMI/PUBG And Mortal

Alan Walker composed the famous song ‘On My Way’ which can be heard while playing BGMI/PUBG. In 2019, PUBG Mobile collaborated with Alan Walker. Moreover, players were able to hear the music when they used to sit in the car.

As Mortal shared in his tweet, he used to play his song as the intro of the stream.

Walker also performed at PMCO 2019 Berlin, where Mortal was representing India with his team Soul.

Co-owners of 8bit, Lokesh ‘Goldy’ Jain and Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal were also present in the event. 8bit Goldy also took to Twitter and expressed his gratitude towards Alan Walker. He wrote, “No,nobody but me can keep me safe, And I am on my way 🎶

Firm handshakes and great games with none other than

Thanks to

for hosting us 💫

Shukar | Sabr | Niyat 🧿❤️”

All of them were seen on stream which was on Youtube for around 3 hours. During the stream, all the entities were seen playing games and enjoying themselves.

They played Call of Duty first and then at the end tried BGMI custom rooms where all of them battled 4 vs 4 in a TDM match.

This was surely something new for viewers to watch as Alan Walker is not a new name to BGMI/PUBG.

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