How To Refund Skins In Valorant? Know Everything In Details

Players of valorant are a bit concerned that how to get their unused valorant skins refunded. Only unused skins and VP points are eligible for the refund. It is most important that the valorant skin you need to refund has not been upgraded and it does not contain battle pass skins.

How To Get Refund of Skins In Valorant

Valorant Tigris Skins

There are some steps you need to follow to refund your valorant skins these steps are as follows:-

Step-1: Visit your valorant support by clicking on the following link: Link

Step-2: Log in to your account to which you need your skins to be refunded.

Step-3: Click on order history to know which skins are there.

Step-4: the Refund button will appear next to ALL of your purchases, but will only work for items that are refundable.

Step-5: Click on refund to complete the process of refund.

What skins are there which can not be refunded

valorant gaia skins

Valorant does not allow all skins refunded. It is most important to know what measures you need to follow to ensure your refund. These measures are as follows:-

  1. Used Weapon Skins can not be refunded.
  2. Upgraded Weapon Skins are not eligible for the refund.
  3. Character Contract Levels if purchased then it can not be refunded.
  4. Weapon Skin Levels can not be reduced and refunded.
  5. Weapon Skin Bundles purchased can not be refunded at once you need to refund them one by one.
  6. Premium Battle Passes if purchased then it can not be refunded as battle pass purchases are not eligible for the refund.
  7. Premium Battle Pass Levels cannot be refunded as the battle purchases are non-refundable.
  8. Radianite Points cannot be refunded by any means.

Terms And Conditions To Get Refund On Skins

Valorant has left very minimum skins and other things which can be refunded. These things are as follows:-

  1. Valorant skins which are not upgraded are eligible for a refund.
  2. Valorant Points can be refunded if it remains unused by submitting an e-ticket on the support website of valorant.

You can only get a refund on unused, base-level weapon skins purchased within the last 14 days. So, it is important to get a refund by being under the time limit.

Know more about Terms and conditions here.

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