How To Get The Volt SMG In Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile is gaining a lot of popularity in the mobile gaming community. There are a lot of similar features in mobile and PC/Console versions. Players will find exclusive items in the Care Package, including a Volt SMG, in both versions of Apex Legends. However, care package exclusive items rotate every season except the Kraber Sniper Rifle.

The current season of Apex Legends Mobile care package includes three exclusive items. The Spitfire LMG, the Volt SMG, and the Kraber Sniper Rifle (constant item). Players must deal 500 damage using the Volt in any mode in order to complete one of the Live Fire challenges.

Apex Legends Mobile: Volt SMG & How To Get

The Volt SMG is a Submachine Gun only found in supply drops of the care package. Pre-occupied with 210 backup ammo, a barrel stabilizer, an extended energy mag, 1x digital threat optic sight, and standard stock.

Care Packages spawn at random places throughout the map at the beginning of every round (each time the ring stops moving) of the battle royale. Their landings are represented by a yellow light on the mini-map and can be tracked by the circles they leave on it.

This mission is so difficult to accomplish in battle royale because of the spawn of Volt in the care package. There are other items too that spawn in the care package. As finding Volt is difficult and dealing damage of 500 with it makes it more difficult to accomplish it.

Other Ways To Complete This Mission

Alternatively, players can complete the Volt damage challenge in any Team Death Match mode. A relatively small map will be yours to explore when you play Team Death Match. Care packages with fully equipped items will begin to appear on the map after a few minutes of fighting. You’ll need to keep your eyes open for their landing site and race over as soon as they land.

Each care package includes fully kitted items as well as one of three exclusives. Despite the fact that the chance to find the Volt is the same as that of a battle royale. Since TDM matches end quickly, you can retry just a few minutes later if you don’t end up getting it from any of the packages first.

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