How To Get Pikachu Libra Shiny Variant In Pokemon Go?

Many trainers enjoy catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO, searching tirelessly for shiny variants of the rarest and most powerful Pokemon. While Pokemon GO’s shiny Pokemon are relatively hard to catch, some are rarer than others. There are even some that are practically impossible to catch without the assistance of in-game events.

As a result, Pokemon GO trainers don’t know which Pokemon has the rarest shiny form to choose from. Even though the answer may seem unexpected, recent developments from Niantic have essentially shut down Pikachu Libre’s shiny form for the time being.

Rarest Shiny Pokemon As Of May 2022

Shiny Pikachu Libre is the most difficult shiny to obtain according to most Pokemon GO players. In addition, it is difficult to obtain a standard Pikachu Libre because of many factors. To get the Pikachu Libbra or its shiny variant, players must reach the Legend Rank of Pokemon Go PvP Battle League. The PvP Battle League is the toughest league of all leagues in Pokemon Go.

After entering Battle League, players gonna encounter Pikachu Libran sometime while playing. The possibility of Pikachu Libre appearing as an orange-hued shiny is very rare, as with many Pokemon.

Why Trainers Will Not Get Pikachu Libra Anymore In Pokemon Go?

A few trainers were lucky enough to catch Pikachu Libra in shiny variant after entering Battle League. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for trainers to catch it at least for now. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go has removed Shiny Pikachu Libra from the game as of March 2022.

The reason is the end of season for the previous ranked PvP, with the unranked season being performed right now. Since unranked seasons are much easier to progress through, Niantic removed shiny Pikachu Libre.

When Trainers will Catch Shiny Pikachu Libra In Pokemon Go?

For shiny hunters and PvP trainers, this appears to be a temporary issue. When Niantic removes Pikachu Libre’s shiny, it is usually reintroduced when the next ranked season begins. “Interlude” season, in which trainers are currently participating in, will end at 1.00 pm PDT on June 1, 2022.

It is likely that the next ranked PvP season will begin shortly after the interlude season ends. That being the case, it’s highly likely Niantic will introduce shiny Pikachu Libre again. Pikachu Libre’s shiny will be available once players have reached the Legend rank in the new season, which means they need to climb the PvP ranks in order to obtain it.

Trainers should begin preparing as soon as possible for this rare Pokemon since PvP is the only path to obtaining it. Upon reaching Legend rank, players will once again have the chance to catch their own Pikachu Libre.

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