How To Generate Unique Name In BGMI: Name Generator

BGMI has been one of the most popular battle royales in India. As of its high fanbase, the general players aim to give their character a name that looks cool and sounds awesome. Generating a unique name all by yourself is very difficult so we short-listed a few online name generator.

Here are the details about how to generate names in BGMI along with how to change the name too.

How To Generate A Unique Name In BGMI?

As there are many players in the game, it is quite impossible for the players to get a unique name that looks cool and attractive. The BGMI name generator is the solution to this problem. These BGMI name generators are some websites that help a player find a unique name for his/her character.

These are the links to some renowned websites that are popularly known as BGMI name generators and help the players get a desired and unique name for their character. These name generators also come up with a function of using symbols and characters which make it cooler.

  1. Battleground mobile
  2. ETc

Players only have to visit these websites to generate the desired unique name, and copy-paste it into the game.

How To Change The Name In BGMI? 

In BGMI every character has a unique name, a player can change the name but it does not come free. The names can only be changed by using Rename Card only. Players can buy these rename cards from the in-game store or can collect them by completing a few events.

How To Get A Rename Card?

A renamed card is always available in the in-game store but to get that a player has to pay a specific amount of UC. A player can also get the rename card for free as a reward, by simply completing certain RP missions or level missions which provide rename card as a reward.

After getting a rename card a player has to follow these steps to change the name in BGMI:

Step1: Get a rename card and click on it, then you will be redirected to the settings menu.

Step 2: Find “username” and click on it.

Step3: Type your desired name in the specific area and click on change.

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