How To Change Name Or Tag In Valorant?

Valorant has gained massive attention from players ever since its launch. However, it’s always tricky when the game is new for you. For example, the game doesn’t allow its players to change their names or tags in the game. So, we do it?

To change the name or tag in Valorant, players need to visit the official website of Riot Games. Let’s give a detailed look at the process.

Steps You Need To Follow To Change The Name Or Tag In Valorant

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Players stay confused even after visiting the official website of Riot Games. We are here to help you to go through this problem. Follow the given steps to change your In-Game name and tag:-

Step 1:- Click on and fill in the login credentials that you use while logging in.

Step 2:- Riot will send a confirmation code to your registered email id. Once you enter the correct confirmation code the website will direct you to your account management page.

Step 3:- Click on your name box to change your current user name and as same, you can change the tag too.

Note: Remember you can change your username and tagline once in 30 days so choose your in-game name wisely.

Step 4:- Click on save changes and your changed name and tagline will reflect in your game.

What Else You Can Do In The Account Management Tab

Account Management can do other things rather than just changing your in-game name and tags. Under account management, you can change your One Time verification mode to the Two Factor verification mode. You can change your personal information such as Email Id and Date of Birth and can add and remove your connected accounts.

One can change their password, and log out from every other device which is currently logged in, and at last you can turn off the notifications that you receive from riot games.

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
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