How Players In BGMI Increase Their Popularity By Carding In BGMI: Fully Explained

Carding Popularity In BGMI Explained: Recently, the gaming community of India went into a shock after a Youtuber named Paras official was brutally beaten in his own house by some group of criminals. Paras often makes Youtube video related to BGMI on his channel.

Earlier, he made a video pointing out on other players who were ranking above him in the popularity ranking. Popularity is a term in BGMI, that players consider as a criteria to show their popularity. In the video, Paras alleged that the other players in the ranking are using carding method. But what is that? Let’s know more in details.

Popularity Carding In BGMI: Fully Explained

Often players ask their friends and teammates to gift popularity on their BGMI profile. This can be done in 2-3 ways. Players earn some popularity by giving gifts by playing games and completing missions. However, the popularity given by these are not very high.

No classic crate

Others are paid popularity, which costs starts from 10 UC and goes up to 1000 UC. Unkown cash or UC is the in-game currency of Valorant.

According to Investopedia, the definition of carding is it is a form of credit card fraud in which a stolen credit card is used to charge prepaid cards or purchase gift cards. In simple words, players seek for stolen or these kinds of credit cards to make purchases of unknown cash.

With the help of this, they don’t spend a single rupee on the game and add more than lakhs of Unknown cash into their accounts.

To find details of these cards and learn carding, players often go to Telegram and make contacts there.

This is a fraud method and we don’t recommend anyone to perform this. However, according to Paras, this was the method used by other players to gain massive popularity on their profiles.

The legit ways to add UC to your accounts are making purchases from in-game or from Codashop. Claiming using from gift cards are also preferred but, it’s very rare.

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