How Apex Legends Battle Royale Ranking System Works?

Apex Legends Ranking System: Apex Legends have made its appearance in the battle royale games developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. In the era of mobile gaming, Apex Legends is rapidly gaining fame among mobile gamers. Players who are new to this game will find it a bit overwhelming.

In Apex Legends, ranked battle royale is a competitive mode in which you compete against players of similar skill. Over time players can rank up and play in higher tiers. Your rank also determines the rewards you can earn during Ranked Seasons. And at the end of each season and split players’ ranks will be soft reset depending on their current rank.

RP To Play In Apex Legends Rank Tier System

Players will need RP to enter into Rank Tier, RP is the Ranked Points. Players will need RP right from the Bronze level and as the rank goes on increasing the entry cost increases too.

Apex Legends Ranks

Rank Tier Ranked Points (RP)
Bronze 1000RP
Silver 3000RP
Gold 5400RP
Platinum 8200RP
Diamond 11400RP
Master 15000RP
Apex Predator Top 750 Players


Rookie Tier: The rookie tier is a one-time introductory tier where upcoming and new players will learn and grasp about the Ranked Battle Royale. Neither players will get demoted nor they will receive any rewards at the end of the season or split.

Cost To Play Apex Legends Ranked

  • Bronze Tier
      • Division 4: 15RP
      • Division 3: 18RP
      • Division 2: 21RP
      • Division 1: 24RP
  • Silver Tier
      • Division 4: 27RP
      • Division 3: 30RP
      • Division 2: 33RP
      • Division 1: 36RP
  • Gold Tier
      • Division 4: 39RP
      • Division 3: 42RP
      • Division 2: 45RP
      • Division 1: 48RP
  • Platinum Tier
      • Division 4: 51RP
      • Division 3: 54RP
      • Division 2: 57RP
      • Division 1: 60RP
  • Diamond Tier
      • Division 4: 63RP
      • Division 3: 66RP
      • Division 2: 69RP
      • Division 1: 72RP
  • Master Tier
      • All Division: 75RP

NOTE: The entry cost for Master Rank matches will be increased by 5 RP for every 1,000 RP above the threshold – this is capped at 175 RP.

How To Earn Apex Legends Ranked Points

Players will earn RP (Ranked Points) at the end of each match depending upon their ranks and kills and a little more from Kill Participation (KP). Kills participation is the assists on kills when you help your teammate to kill enemies.

Place RP Kill Assist RP
14 0 1
13,12,11 5 5
10,9 10 10
8,7 20 12
6 30 14
5 45 16
4 55 18
3 70 20
2 95 23
1 125 25


Ranked Splits

Ranked seasons in Apex legends are divided into two splits, each played on a different map. In the middle of the season when the map swaps over for the new split, players’ ranks will be soft reset to inspirit them to reach the top ranks.

For the first split of Ranked Season 13, Storm Point will host the event, then either Kings Canyon or Olympus will host the second split in roughly six weeks.

Hope new and upcoming players find it useful and get the Apex Legends Ranking System in detail.

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