Great News For Indian Gamers: iPhone 13 Made In India Has Been Launched In The Indian Market

India imports iPhones from China, labeled with the country of origin China. But now the production plant has been resumed in India. And it had already manufactured the latest model i.e., the iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Mini, which will be a made in India product.

Growing mobile gaming globally, companies started to manufacture top-notch phones to compete in the market. Every company is trying its best to offer the latest technology to its flagships. Both Android and iOS are constantly working on tech and innovations.

iPhone 13 & 13 Mini Made In India

The production has been started and from now onwards iPhone 13 arrived on the market. Currently, it is available to offline retailers and Apple stores all around India. If the made-in-India iPhones are not available in your city, then you must wait for a couple of days to reach there.

Previously, Apple launched iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini made in India models last year. They had established a plant in Karnataka named Wistron. Due to some conflicts, employees of Wistron completely destroyed the office and plant. At that time Apple faced a loss of 60 Million and shut down that plant. Along with Wistron, the Foxconn plant has also been kept under probation.

Finally, the Foxconn plant which was in Chennai has been resumed and already produced and distributed the latest iPhones in the market. Just like last year, this time also Apple will introduce 2 models from its latest segment. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini have arrived at offline stores.

Price Of Made In India iPhone 13 & 13 Mini

Customers will witness a huge price drop in iPhone 13 and in 13 Mini too. Because the same situation has been encountered last year too.

Why there will be a huge price drop? The answer is simple. Any finished product, which is imported into India, will incur Custom Duty. Customs duties are taxes on imports and exports and in the case of the iPhone, this import duty is about 20%.

If we talk about iPhone 13 we can see a price drop of around Rs 15,000 and in the case of the 13 Mini, it will be around Rs 13,000.

NOTE: Currently, the MRP of the made-in-India iPhone is still the same because Apple doesn’t let its dealers face any losses.

Major Price Cut In iPhone

So when we will see a major price cut in the made-in-India iPhones? When the old stock will be completely sold out then we can witness these price drops.

When to buy iPhone 13? The price can be seen in the month of August (most expectedly). But, if anyone is planning to buy iPhone 13 then it is better to wait for the sale season. The two main dealers of iPhones in India are Amazon & Flipkart. So it will be better to wait for Amazon Greate Indian Sale or Flipkart Big BIllion Days, where people can get these iPhones for only Rs 55,000 – 50,000.

The best gaming experience will come from elite phones. So, this would be a great opportunity for Indian gamers. Grab this opportunity and play their best in the upcoming Esports season.

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