Gojo’s Rebirth?! Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240 Leaks And What to Expect

Exciting news for JJK fans and mainly for Gojo’s diehard fans in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240 leaks. Chapter 239 is here after one week’s break and we see a parallel story of Kenjaku. He started killing all the sorcerers so that he could end the culling game that had been started by himself. Finally, Kenjaku meets Takaba who is a new-age sorcerer and his technique is a comedian whose curse technique capable of opposing even Satoru Gojo.

Kenjaku’s evil plan is to kill all the sorcerers by winning culling games. Then he will store all the curses from it to complete Tengen Sama Merger for mankind’s evolution.

We will be having a complete chapter on Gojo’s rebirth as per the chapter 240 leaks. All Gojo fans were waiting for this moment and debate has been going on all over the internet.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240 Panels (Leaks)

In the first panel, we can see Gojo and Geto standing in Terminal 1 South, and Gojo says why are you going there. And in the next panel conversation between both of them pulls off. Geto says are you really satisfied without me right by your side?

Jujutsu Kaise

Geto then says there is no death to a sorcerer without regret. After all, geto frankly opened up and said I still have lots of things that I want to do. After that, he says he is truly not satisfied and asks Gojo if he feels the same.

Afterward, he continues, “To wield jujutsu to protect or to use it solely for the sake of satisfying yourself, what is the difference?”. Gojo replies the difference is when you are the one doing it.

Jujutsu Kaise

In the next panel, we see them laughing and Geto continues you did whatever you wanted to do. More he adds you never had to worry about the consequences of using that pride of yours.

After that we see Geto asking the same question he asked at the beginning of the JJK. Who is the one standing before me? Who are you? It means he wanted to ask “Are you Gojo because you are the strongest? Or are you the strongest because you are Satoru Gojo?”

Gojo replies that Geto’s attitude needs a change and finally says “Who else can I be but Gojo Satoru?”

Jujutsu Kaise

In the next panel, we see Geto say go and do what you really want to do! And both of them move in different directions. As we remember Nanami says in chapter 237 about North and South. “If you’d like to return to who you once were, go south, and if you would like to become someone new, go north.”

After that we see both say My Choice, My Decision is meaningful. We can see that Gojo is moving towards lotus flowers which signifies rebirth. Next panel Gojo in his childhood wearing a Kimono suddenly sees Gojo as a born child on the surface of the water and opens his eyes.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240 Leaks

End Of The Chapter 240 Leaks

Gojo says “I’ll wait for you.” Now tell me are you satisfied? and the answer is definitely, with you I’m the strongest. That’s how the chapter ends but it is to be noted that these are not original and are just leaks.

Gege Akutami, the writer of JJK has a conning way of proving his manga and making Jujutsu Kaisen an all-time hit. In chapter 236 leaks and then it was officially released that Gojo had been cut in half. Following to that four more chapters have been released but none of them have any hint of Gojo and where he is.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240 Leaks

Gojo’s very first rebirth came when he fought with Toji Fushiguro, and the only mistake he made was not beheading Gojo Saturo. Gojo really pushed to his absolute extremes and completely overwhelmed by Toji due to heavenly restrictions. Then for the very first time, Gojo learned and implemented the RCT Reverse Curse Technique. Finally, he finishes off Toji with hollow purple and also claims he is the chosen one across heaven and the earth.

What To Expect From Chapter 240

We have enough clues that there is a huge chance of Gojo’s comeback in the upcoming manga. Can’t be sure when but pretty soon in the upcoming chapters totally depends on Gege.

If we collect all the pieces we have Gojo’s head still intact and also see a little smile on his face in the next slide. In the next panel of chapter 236, we see lotus flowers which symbolize Rebirth and now the leaks.

I am pretty sure Gojo fans are still hoping that he will make a comeback and it is possible to some extent.

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