Global Esports Eliminated From VCT APAC 2022 After Losing Two Consecutive Games In Play-ins

Global Esports lost the tie against Fancy United by 2-0 in the play-ins stage and are now eliminated from VCT APAC 2022. However, it was not an easy win for Fancy United and Global esports gave a tough fight to them

Both the matches were close and it could have gone into anyone’s half. But in the end, it was Fancy United who bagged the win at the end. So, let’s have a look at the match report and details.

VCT APAC Play-ins 2022 Global Esports vs Fancy United

In the veto, Fancy United banned Breeze and Global Esports decided to remove Fracture. During the selection, Fancy United decided to go with Icebox first, same as Griffin Esports who defeated GE yesterday. Whereas Global Esports made a change and picked Ascent.

In the second round of Veto, FCY banned Bind, in response, Global Esports removed Split leaving Haven as decider which was picked by Global esports yesterday.

However, the match didn’t went that far and Fancy United defeated the representatives from South Asia by 2-0. The first map on Icebox had a scoreline of 13-11, whereas on Ascent it came to an end with 13-10.

Map-1: Icebox, Fancy United with A Fancy Start

Global Esports apac 2022
GE’s SK Rossi had the highest number of kills; 26 kills

The team from Vietnam were on back-foot at the start of the map. During the swap, Global Esports was leading the map with a score of 7-5, but it didn’t take much time to change all the things.

Fancy United came back stronger and secured 8 rounds while defending to win the map.

  • Map: Icebox
  • Results: 13-11
  • MVP: SK Rossi (26 kills)

Map-2: Ascent, Small Mistakes Costs Global The Tournament

Ascent is one of Global’s favorite map and one cannot forget that special win of VCC 2021 finals where the team made a comeback against Velocity Gaming where they were trailing by 3-9.

However, the start was not so solid from Global Esports and they only managed to win 4 rounds out of the first 12 on the attacking side. After the swap, the team showed some quality defending but some mistakes cost them the match.

  • Map: Ascent
  • Results: 13-10 (Fancy United)
  • MVP: K1llers (24 kills)

On various occasions the rounds went to 1 vs 1 where Fancy United came as a better side.

And with this loss, the Global Esports’ journey at the VCT 2022 have come to an end and now they’ll have to wait until the next VCC which will take place in the second half of the year.

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