Know How Global Esports Can Still Qualify For VCC 2022 Finals

Global Esports are one of the biggest names in the Indian Valorant competitive scene. Last year, the team represented the country at the international level, as they played at APAC Last chance qualifiers.

However, in VCC 2022, the team lost twice, both in first and 2nd qualifiers, and failed to qualify for the VCC Finals. Interestingly, they still have a chance to qualify for the finals, how? Let’s know more about it in detail.

Global Esports Only Hope Is To Win VCC Wildcards

Similar to last year, in the Valorant Conqueror Championship, also known as VCC, Indian team had two slots. Moreover, there are two qualifiers and the winners of the respective qualifiers will qualify for the VCC finals.

In the finals, there will be two Indian teams, 1 from Bangladesh qualifiers, 1 from Pakistan and Afghanistan qualifiers, 1 from Nepal and Bhutan qualifier and 1 from Sri Lanka and Maldieves qualifier.

Notably, this time there will be two slots for wildcard teams. Teams who lost in the finals of the qualifiers will qualify for the VCC wildcard. Interestingly, Global Esports will feature along with five other teams. The top two teams will qualify for the VCC finals. 

From India, team Global Esports and God Particles are the teams appearing in the VCC wildcard. Global esports lost in the first qualifier finals to Enigma gaming, whereas God Particles lost to Velocity gaming.

So, in this way, Global esports have another chance to qualify for the VCC finals. Let’s have a look on the teams and schedule of the VCC wildcard.

  • India: Global eSports, God Particles
  • Nepal And Bhutan: To be Decided
  • Pakistan and Afghanistan: Salt Esports
  • Bangladesh: M1syl& friends
  • Sri Lanka and Maldivesves: Crash Landin on You

According to organizers, Nodwin Gaming, the VCC wildcard qualifiers will start from 10th February and will end on 13th February.

Teams Qualified For VCC Playoffs

Almost all the qualifiers have been completed as of now, except Nepal and Bhutan qualifiers. The final of the mentioned region will be played on 8th February.

A total of 5 teams have qualified now, three more teams will join after the wildcard, Nepal and Bhutan qualifiers. Let’s have a look at the teams qualified.

  • Enigma Gaming: India qualifier #1
  • Velocity gaming: India qualifier #2
  • Exceeli Esports: Bangladesh qualifiers
  • Team Exploit: Pakistan and Afghanistan qualifiers
  • Union Gaming: Sri Lanka and Maldives qualifiers.

Out of the 8 teams in play offs, top 4 will qualify for the VCC grand Finals. And the top 2 teams of the Grand finals will qualify for the Stage-1: APAC Playoffs.

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