Global Esports Fails To Claim Their First Victory In VCT APAC Challengers 2022: Results And Match Report

Global Esports APAC Results: South Asian team, Global Esports played their first game against Griffin-esports in the Play-ins where the team lost the match by a scoreline of 2-0. It was not an impressive start for the team, but there were some positives.

So, let’s have a look on how the team played and what were the maps in detail.

Global Esports VCT APAC Results Against Griffin E-sports: All You Need To Know

In the first two Vetos, Global Esports banned Fracture whereas Griffin banned Breeze. Later, Griffin selected Icebox and GE went with Haven. Surprisingly, in the second veto, GE banned Split, which is considered as one of their best maps. On the other hand, Griffin removed Ascent leaving Bind as the decider.

However, the match didn’t went on that far and the team from Hong Kong/Taiwan region won by 2-0.

Griffin started the first match on domination and the scoreline was 8-2. Furthermore, Global sealed 2 rounds to make it 8-2. But, it was not enough as the team lost 13-6.

On the second map again, Griffin started positively and had a 7-5 lead on the swap. GE somehow managed to equal that it went on to 12-9. Yet again, GE tried to make that equal but on the 12-11 round, Griffin outplayed GE to seal the tie.

Global Esports vs Griffin E-Sports: Match Reports

Map-1: Icebox- Griffin E-sports On A Flying Start

Global Esports vs Griffin E-Sports

Icebox was selected by Griffin and they proved the decision right as they crushed Global esports by 13-6. Global seemed nowhere near the other team and the closest they got was 6-8.

The swap came at 4-8 where Global was defending first. furthermore, after losing 2 rounds in the second half, the team went to win all their further rounds to secure the first map.

  • Map: Icebox
  • MVP: SiuFatBB ( 26 kills/7 deaths)
  • Score: 13-6 (Griffin E-sports)

Map-2: Haven, A Tough Fight From Global Esports But Griffin Comes Out As A Better Team

Global Esports vs Griffin E-Sports

Griffin esports found it difficult on the map of Haven but somehow won the game and won the tie with a score of 2-0.

The swap came in favor of Griffin by 7-5, but soon global made it level to 7-7. However, they failed to capitalize and lost the game by 12-11.

  • Map: Haven
  • MVP: YRSelect ( 26 kills)
  • Score: 13-11 (Griffin E-sports)

What’s Next for GE?

Global esports will now play their next game on 12th March against Fancy United in the lower bracket. The match will be a do-a-die for the South Asian team and to be in the competition, they must need to win it.

The match will be streamed on the official Youtube channel of Valorant Champions Tour from 06:00 PM.

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