FunPlus Phoenix’s IGL Replies Back To Sentinels In Style On ‘Sentinels Don’t Deserve Shroud’ Comment

Trash talking is a part of esports and many teams and players take it in a healthy way. Something similar was seen on Twitter in the past few hours when FunPlus Phoenix’s IGL, ANGE1, and North American team Sentinels joined a conversation.

During Sentinels’ 2nd match in NA LCQ, Ange1 took to his Twitter and wrote, “Sentinels don’t deserve shroud”. To which the Twitter handle of the team replied, “we don’t even know who you are.”

Interestingly, it was trash talk as Ange1 recently won the VCT Masters Stage-2 with FunPlus Phenix and also won the VCT EMEA Challengers in Stage-1.

Ange1’s Epic Reply To Sentinels About Shroud

Ange1 replied back to the Sentinels page in which they claimed they don’t who he is. Ange1 wrote,“Sorry, need to stream more often apparently :(.”

Considering Ange1 has won several tournaments now with FunPlus Phoenix and even a Masters, Sentinels not knowing of him was not a case. However, Ange1 replied them in a similar fashion as critics of the North American based team have often said that their players are more into streaming and not into practice.

Tenz, Shahzam, Dapr all are regular streamers and Sentinels’ recent performance gave the critiques a strong point. Moreover, the arrival of one of the most famous streamer, and retired CS: GO player, Shroud, was another point added to the notes.

However, Shroud has been performing well with the team and he registered the highest Average Combat score for his team against Shofiy Rebellion in the second game.

Ange1’s views on Sentinels Win

Ange1 in another tweet highlighted some points about the North American team. He mentioned that SHroud is playing one of the hardest roles and still nailing it. Similarly, he praised all the members of the team.

However, he ended up concluding that ‘its just doesnt look good even if they win dunno.’

What are your views on Shroud and his team in NA LCQ? Let us know in the comments below.

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