FunPlus Phoenix Will Not Be Playing At VCT Masters Despite Winning EMEA Challengers

FunPlus Phoenix VCT Masters: Recently FunPlus Phoenix, known as FPX beat their rivalry G2 Esports with a smashing scoreline of 3-1 in the VCT EMEA Challengers Finals. They made themselves eligible for Masters Iceland after this smashing win.

But unfortunately, the players of FPX are facing some travel restrictions. As FunPlus Esports have two players from Russia and one player from Ukraine so it is most likely they will not be eligible for the Masters. FPX Ardiis is in a recovery stage from covid 19 so as a result, he can not travel by any means. It is more of a heartbreaking moment for the fans of FunPlus Esports.

Players of FPX were really too hyped up to make their presence in masters. Even fans of FPX were hyped to watch their favorite players Shao and Suygetsu perform in the Masters. EMEA region being one of the largest regions in valorant competitive scene to compete. It becomes super difficult for any team to perform. Defeating valorant massacres such as Team Liquid, M3C, and G2 esports becomes a self proud moment in itself. Players celebrated their victory on Twitter by sharing some cheerful tweets.

Reason Why FunPlus Phoenix Esports Will Be Missing VCT Masters??

For a team-winning VCT Masters EMEA, it is most likely they have fought every inch of their breathe to get their slot in the masters Iceland. So, they shared their experience of this fight on their official Twitter handle. They said Shao Suygetsu and ANGE1 can not travel due to travel restrictions present in Ukraine and Russia. FPX also mentioned that they contacted riot to get their slot done in Iceland with 3 substitutes or competing remotely.

Ardiis is recovering from covid 19 and should be able to play by 6th April. But Unfortunately after putting this much effort, they could not find any solution to the problem.  FPX also mentioned the struggles they faced after joining VCT EMEA Challengers and how they covered each other’s back in every situation.

At the last of the article, the FPX added “The dream of every eSports professional is to compete in an international championship and we are so proud of what the team has achieved in these difficult times and situations. Thank you for all the support It means the world to us.”

Team Liquid Replacing FPX

After the situation that team FPX is facing professional players have shown their condolence towards the situation. And with due respect, Team Liquid’s ScreaM replied to the announcement post saying that they will be replacing FPX for the slot of Masters Iceland. ScreaM announced this news on the official Twitter handle of ScreaM on 28th March.

ScreaM said “Learning that FPX couldn’t attend VCT because of the current situation makes me feel really bad for them, in my opinion, they were a big favorite to lift that trophy. It is with honor that Liquid will take that chance to lift it for you and EMEA”. Although other players of team liquid have also shown their condolence over the situation faced by team FPX.

Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
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