Former Manchester United Manager Louis Van Gaal Shares, He’s Suffering From Cancer

Aloysius Paulus Maria “Louis” Van Gaal is considered one of the most successful managers of all time. Results are evident to prove his success for clubs he managed. He is a Dutch footballer who is currently the head coach of the Netherlands national team. Recently, on Dutch television, he announced his suffering from Prostate cancer.

Van Gaal on Sunday gave a statement to RTL television about his diagnosis of Prostate cancer since 2020. He stated, “I have already undergone 25 bouts of radiotherapy”. Further he added that he hasn’t even mentioned about his suffering to the players, “The players think I’m in good health but I’m not”.

Football World Shocked After Louis Van Gaal’s Announcement

After his astonishing announcement, football seemed to revolve around Van Gaal. Clubs and players showed him sympathy by tweeting through their respective handles.

Manchester United who had been guided and played under him from 2014-to 2016 tweeted, ‘Everybody at Manchester United is fully behind our former manager, Louis van Gaal, in his battle against cancer. Sending you strength and courage, Louis,’.

Bayern Munich who were under his guidance from 2009-to 2011 said on Twitter,  ‘FC Bayern would like to wish former head coach Louis van Gaal all the best as he battles cancer. We all know how strong a person he is. Hoping for a full and speedy recovery!’

F.C Barcelona even showed their support to him stating, ‘Our thoughts and prayers go out to former Barca manager Louis van Gaal… Stay strong, Louis, and get well soon.’

Former England striker Gary Lineker tweeted, ‘Sending best wishes and hopes for a full recovery to Louis Van Gaal’.

Apart from his diagnosis with cancer, he said in the same interview that he is all set to lead his national team in the upcoming FIFA world cup.

Managerial Statistics

      Team               From               To              Win               Loss                Draw

  •    Ajax                 1991              1997            196                40                   49
  •   Barcelona          1997              2000              95                44                   32
  •   Netherlands       2000              2001                9                  2                     4
  •   Barcelona          2002              2003               16                 9                     5
  •      AZ                 2005              2009              105              38                   39
  •  Bayern Munich    2009              2011               59               19                   18
  •  Netherlands        2012              2014               18                 2                     9
  • Manchester United 2014            2016               54                24                   25
  • Netherlands          2021             Present             6                  0                    3

Apart from his managerial career he was also an outstanding midfielder during his playing career. He has played for several clubs during his time. Ajax, Royal Antwerp, Telstar, Sparta rotterdam, AZ are name of all the clubs where Van Gaal was an integral part.

Recently, he was engaged in a controversy where he called the idea of playing the world cup in Qatar as ridiculous. In his official statement, he stated a controversial statement, “It’s ridiculous that we’re going to play in a country to — what does FIFA say? — to develop football there, and you do that by organizing a tournament in that country. That is (expletive). But it doesn’t matter. It’s about money, commercial interests. That’s what matters to FIFA.”

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