What Does Relegation Means In UEFA Nations League: List Of Teams Who Are Relegated

What Does Relegation Means In UEFA Nations League: UEFA Nations League is one of the European tournaments where the teams are divided into several groups named, A, B,C and D. Recently, in a shocking event, England were relegated from the Nations League after losing to EURO 2020 Champions Italy? But what does that relegation means to England? Where will be they playing in the next season? Let’s know.

All You Need To Know About UEFA Nations League Relegation

UEFA have divided the teams under them into four respective groups. Group A is the top group and there are four sub-groups in Group A. Moreover, a total number of 4 teams are placed in these four groups and they compete to qualify for the finals.

The teams finishing on top of the Group A qualify for the next round which is the knock-out rounds of the semifinals. But what happens to the team finishing last in Group A? So, these are the teams which get relegated to the Group B.

Teams in Group B go through the same process but they compete for promotion and not to qualify for the finals. So, the teams from Group B won’t qualify for the Finals instead they will qualify for Group A if they manage to finish on top of their group. The same happens to the teams placed in Group C and D.

This means, England, next season will not be playing for the UEFA Nations League trophy but will be playing for qualification into Group A. Now let’s know who are the teams other than England who got relegated.

Teams Relegated From Group A

As of now three teams got relegated from Group A to Group B, England being one. Austria and Wales are the other two teams who got relegated. Austria was placed in Group A1, whereas Wales was in Group A4. Matches of Group A2 are yet to be played and Switzerland or the Czech Republic will be the two teams who will be relegated.

  • Group A1- Austria
  • Group A2- Switzerland/Czech Republic
  • Group A3- England
  • Group A4- Wales

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Teams Qualified For Semi-finals 

A total of 4 teams will be playing the semi-finals of the UEFA Nations League in 2023. Netherlands became the first team to qualify for the semifinals and this is their 2nd qualification in the semifinals. They were the runner-up in the 2019 season losing to Portugal in the finals.

Italy also managed to secure their qualification after their victory over England. This will be Italy’s 2nd consecutive appearance in the knockout stage as they finished 3rd in 2021. Croatia on the other hand managed to secure their first qualification this year.

  • Group A1- Croatia
  • Group A2- Portugal/Spain
  • Group A3- Italy
  • Group A4- Netherlands

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