Final Call For BMOC In-Game Qualifiers, Last Date And Tips For Players

Last Date For BMOC In-Game Qualifiers: Tournaments in BGMI are on the right track. Everything was according to the Esports Roadmap 2022 provided by Krafton. The first tournament was BMOC and it has already completed its first stage of scrims and advanced to the next stage on 7 April.

BMOC In-Game Qualifiers started on 4 April in which players have to play 15 matches with their registered team. Only the first 15 matches with the registered team will be taken into consideration. On the basis of 15 matches, 512 players will be selected for the next stage. So what are you waiting for? grab your phone and challenge everything.

Last Date For BMOC In-Game Qualifiers

It’s been 5 days since BGMI started its In-Game Qualifiers for the first tournament of this year. And players are giving their everything to be on the top of the list. The scoreboard is being updated every second and only the top 512 teams will be advanced to the next stage.

Players who haven’t started fighting for their spot in the top 512 should wake up now. Because they have only 2 days left to give their absolute best. Yes, only two more days left for the end of BMOC In-Game Qualifiers. Finish your matches with the selected members of your registered squad before 5:30 AM on 11 April.

To be on top, players must know how to get more points. Players who are not aware of the scoring system and point distribution in BMOC Click Here.

Tips For Players To Be On Top Of BMOC

Firstly, players must see the point table mentioned in the above link. After that players should make strategic plans to play those 15 matches and give their absolute best. Chicken Dinners and Kills both play very crucial roleplay in such tournaments.

Tips to be on top:

  • Avoid Hot Drops – This is the most common mistake players make while playing tournaments. Avoiding hot drops increases the chances of survival in the game. Hot drops result in gunfights and eventually get killed in less than 3-5mins.
  • Avoid Open Fights – Taking fights in the open are always disadvantageous, whether it’s normal games or tournaments. There are very high chances of getting killed or surrounded by 3rd team in that fight.
  • Underrates Weapons – There are plenty of underrated weapons that players ignore cause they haven’t unleashed their powers yet. So we made a complete list of top underrated weapons to be used in BMOC Click Here.
  • Carry More Smoke – Playzones are something that players can’t control. So it is better for players to carry plenty of smoke. Smoke grenades will help players to move into zones easily and to get out of death situations.

So these were the tips players must follow to rank on the top of the scoreboard. Remember only the top 512 teams will advance to the next stage. We hope that players will find this article informative and helpful to make game planning & strategies wiser.

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