FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Mascot Is Here: Know Everything About It

Hold your breath as the most exciting tournament in the field of sports is nearing. FIFA World Cup 2022 is scheduled to take place between the month of November and December 2022. The official mascot for this year’s FIFA world cup was unveiled known as La’eeb.

La’eeb was unveiled by FIFA on the night of the draw in Doha. Fans were curiously waiting for the official mascot. After the official release of the mascot, and were seen getting engaged about La’eeb through various social media. La’eeb will be the 15th mascot ever in the history of the world cup.

La’eeb: The Official Mascot of FIFA World Cup 2022

According to FIFA La’eeb is ” an Arabic word meaning super-skilled player”. It’s in the form of a traditional keffiyeh headdress but with eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. It is considered to have a fun, joyful personality and he is going to bring the joy of soccer to everyone.

“We are delighted to unveil La’eeb as the Official Mascot for the first FIFA world cup in the Middle East and the Arab world. He comes from the mascot-verse – a place that is indescribable. We encourage everyone to imagine what it looks like.” Khalid Ali Al Mawlawi, Deputy Director-General, Marketing, Communications and Tournament Experience, Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, stated.

Further he also added: “We are sure fans everywhere will love this fun and playful character. La’eeb will play a vital role as we engage fans young and old in Qatar’s FIFA World Cup experience,”.

Fans Reacting To The Mascot 

After the release of La’eeb fans were seen getting engaged in various discussion using their social media handles.

While some of the fans loved the mascot, it also faced some criticism.

One of them tweeted “if you need 4 minutes to explain a mascot, you have failed to create a mascot”. According to FIFA’s description, La’eeb was considered as fun, joyful, and curious, the fans weren’t seen as happy as FIFA expected them to be. There it seemed to have mixed reactions. Some fans even compared it to Casper while others deride it as a napkin or towel.

Even after a few criticisms, La’eeb was also loved by many. One of the fans tweeted that he would die for the mascot.

Another tweet was also seen where a fan mentioned “Awww La’eeb is the best and the cutest FIFA world cup mascot ever”.

The same night FIFA also released the groups of all the teams qualified for the world cup. There are going to be a total of 8 groups named from Group A to Group H.

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Ansh Arora
Ansh Arora
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