Fans React As LA Lakers Eliminated From NBA Playoffs Officially

NBA regular season has almost come to an end. It is scheduled for the Play-in tournament to begin on Friday, April 12, and the Playoffs to begin on Friday, April 16. LeBron James is a player that every basketball fan admires. Even though he had an amazing season, the LA Lakers are officially eliminated from the Playoffs.

Fans witnessed some outstanding games from the Lakers still they didn’t manage to qualify. Los Angeles Lakers had a head-to-head contest against Phoenix Suns. After falling short of 11 points, the Lakers not only lost the match but also their spot in the playoffs. There was great disappointment among Lakers fans after they were eliminated from the Playoffs.

Seasonal Stats of The Lakers

LA Lakers have a history of dominance and have shown it in the past. With the presence of legends like Anthony Davis, Russel Westbrook, Rajan Rondo, and LeBron James who is titled the “Greatest Of All Time” their dominant nature is quite evident.

Unfortunately, this season they failed to show their dominance. Their elimination from the Playoffs was official after their loss to the Suns on Tuesday.

Speaking of stats, the Lakers are at the 11th spot in the western conference with 31 wins and 48 losses. They are standing at the 12th position in terms of average points per game with 111.6 points. With an average of 43.9 rebounds per game and 24.1 assists per game, they are currently standing at 20th and 16th positions respectively. Apart from this the overall 3 point percentage of the team comes to 34.9%.

Fans Reacting To LA Lakers Elimination From Playoffs

After the Lakers lost to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday fans seemed quite upset. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media flooded with disappointment after their elimination from the playoffs. The San Antonio Spurs clinched their spot in the play-in tournament after the Lakers lost to the Suns.

One of the fans showed his disappointment by tweeting ” The biggest failure in NBA history”.It was followed by another tweeting ” THE LAKERS HAVEN’T WON BACK TO BACK GAMES IN 3 MONTHS! THATS HOW BAD THEY WERE THIS YEAR.”

According to a fan, the lack of bench and lack of defense proved to be destructive for them. “I definitely thought the Lakers would be a middle-of-the-pack Western conference team but this is crazy how bad they were. The lack of a bench and defense killed them all season.”

However, some fans also motivated their team to come back stronger and better next season.


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Ansh Arora
Ansh Arora
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