Why Did Fortnite Removed The Shockwave Hammer: Know When It Will Return Back

Fortnite have recently revealed that they are removing the Shockwave Hammer from the game. However, it has been removed temporarily and not permanently, so players can expect it to come back in the game.

The weapon was not liked by most of the players in the Fortnite community for several reasons ever since it was launched. So, let’s know why it was removed.

Why Did Fortnite Removed The Shockwave Hammer From The Game

As per the recent tweet made by the Fortnite status Twitter handle, the Shockwave hammer is removed temporarily from the game. The tweet reads, “Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled the Shockwave Hammer in all playlists.” 

“Our intent is to re-enable the Shockwave Hammer in the next game update when this issue has been resolved.”

So it is confirmed that the controversial hammer will not be available now in any of the game modes in Fortnite. Although, Fortnite called it as ‘ due to an issue’, the weapon had countless glitches and was overpowered in the game. Ever since it was launched, the shockwave hammer attracted lot of attention because of the glitches.

The melee weapon was used by players to smash the enemies and bounce in the map from here to there. It dealt damage of 125 if hit in close range, making it overpowered. And if this kind of weapon come with glitches, then surely, the developers need to think. As result, the weapon is now removed from the game. But will it be coming back, if yes then when?

When The Hammer Will Return To Fortnite?

Fortnite mentioned in the tweet that ‘their intent is to re-enable the weapon’ in the next update. So, it might be possible that we can see the hammer back in the game from January 17th after the 23.20 update, but only if the glitches are fixed.

So, if everything is fixed in the overpowered hammer, players will be able to use it once again after the 23.20  update

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