Where To Find Birthday Presents In Fortnite And Cake Locations

Fortnite Birthday Presents And Cake Locations: Fortnite completed its 5 years of launch and to celebrate it with its players, they are up with another interesting event. The 5th year anniversary has brought birthday presents and cakes in the game which players can consume while being in the game.

Moreover, these cakes are scattered all over the map, but players need to land in the nearby locations in order to find them and consume them first. So without further due, let’s know the locations of these cakes and presents in Fortnite.

Birthday Cake Locations In Fortnite: Where To Find Them?

The cakes are scattered all over the map but finding them is still a tricky task to do. There are small slices of the cakes kept in a circle around ballons on the ground. So, if you’re looking for these cakes, you better search for them on the ground and look for the ballons.

Moreover, there are also some big cakes, but they are not everywhere. So, finishing the ballons will be an easy way to locate these cakes. Now, let’s have a look at the locations.

The cakes can be found on some of the famous locations on the map. Players can jump into the Rave Cave, Greasy Grove (in the western side of the town), near the reality tree, titled towers (on the northern end) to find the cakes. Here are some of the locations of cakes in details:

  • Greasy Grove (on the western side of the town)
  • Near the reality tree
  • The northern end of Tilted Towers
  • Inside Rave Cave
  • Logjam Junction (near the camp site)
  • Shifty Shafts
  • Near sticks in Sleepy Sound
  • On the Pirate Ship

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These are some of the famous locations where players can find birthday cake in Fortnite. Notably, some of the locations are repeated from the previous celebrations, so, if you have completed it earlier, it might be easy for you to find them.


Also, there are other cake locations on the map apart from the aforementioned locations, but these are the famous ones and are quite easy to find.

How To Consume The Cakes? 

Consuming the cakes is quite easy. Moreover, players need to go to near the cake and click their consume button in order to claim 600 XP.

Birthday Presents Locations

The Birthday presents will be present as loot on the floor. So, it will be better if players search for these presents along with the loots. Some of the famous locations to find it are Rocky Reels, Synapse Station, and Chonker’s Speedway.

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